Life In Recovery After a Heroin Addiction

Life after addiction is a roller coaster with many twists, turns, and hills to overcome. Addiction is a life-long health condition that you’ll have to manage once you leave rehab in a less-controlled environment. This new path requires lifestyle changes to remain sober. You can take steps to make the transition easier.

  • Get a support network. A support network is absolutely essential for when you have rough times. This can be friends, family members, or by joining a group for addiction support such as Narcotics Anonymous. It can help to have a sober sponsor to talk to when you feel like a relapse is likely to occur. They know what it is like to experience these feelings and can help you find coping mechanisms.
  • Make new friends. New and sober friends are a way to help you stay sober since your activities will involve other healthy habits. Going back to old friends who continue to use or in an environment where people are still using makes the chances of relapse significantly higher and increases the likelihood that you’ll fall back into old habits.
  • Get a job. Many times people who suffer from addiction may lose their jobs before going to rehab or while they’re in the program. Getting a job helps ensure your stability and gives you something to focus your attention on. You’ll need to be able to afford your basic necessities. Work can help foster new friendships and enable you to network with others.


Pillars of Heroin Recovery

The pillars of recovery combine everything in life to instill hope for a prospective future with sober living. These four pillars are health to support physical and mental choices to avoid substance abuse, purpose to live for something and a reason to move forward. The other two pillars are community by creating new relationships with love and friendship, while the last is home and involves being in a stable, suitable and safe place to live and grow.

Addiction is a difficult illness to cope with. With effort and resources, your chances of staying sober are significantly higher. If you need assistance or help with heroin addiction, give us a call at (800) 411-8019 to reach our counselors and get started on the path to your new sober life.