Combining Addiction Counseling With 12 Step Recovery For Lifelong Recovery

Recovering from addiction is a multifaceted process. Lifelong recovery is about more than the initial detox; it’s about finding new ways of supporting your mental and emotional health. Addiction counseling along with 12-step support groups help you do exactly that, giving you a solid foundation for a substance-free life. Together they offer medical treatment, emotional support, and social companionship to help you along your path to recovery.

One of the most important steps to recovery is seeking individualized therapy. Your addiction counselor or other mental health professional will use various tools and techniques customized to your needs to help you:

  • Learn coping strategies for environmental cues that trigger cravings
  • Address underlying mental and emotional health issues related to your addiction
  • Get support building healthy habits

Your addiction counselor will help you discover ways of changing your thoughts and habits to lead an addiction-free life. Through counseling, you’ll also receive treatment for related mental health conditions to ensure a successful recovery.


You Are Not Alone

Along with addiction counseling, you’ll want to seek support in a group setting such as Narcotics Anonymous or another 12-step program. Here you receive the benefits of:

  • Companionship from peers who have walked the same road from addiction to recovery
  • Close and lasting friendships with the people you meet
  • A sense of satisfaction in sharing your own experiences with others

The friendships you build through a 12-step program are an invaluable resource in your times of need. People who have gone through similar experiences will understand exactly what you’re feeling, and you’ll find fulfillment in supporting others who are struggling with things you’ve already conquered.

The best way to continue your recovery is to seek help from multiple sources, infusing your daily life with a sense of constant support. To successfully manage the mental and emotional aspects of recovery, you’ll want to rely on both the personalized treatment from your addiction counselor and the support of your peers. These resources will help you build a toolbox for creating healthier habits and sustaining them for life. If you’re ready to take the next step in your recovery, call (800) 411-8019 to learn how we can help.