Is There a Difference Between a Halfway House and a Sober Living Home in Delray?

If you’re considering the next step for your addiction recovery in Delray, you might look into a halfway house or sober living home. These environments can offer an extended form of security for people who are still undergoing treatment and transitioning back into the world after addiction. I

t’s usually not easy to simply go through rehab and resume life like nothing ever happened. Addiction changes you, and that’s okay. However, you may need assistance, structure and security that helps you build confidence and develop stronger skills to stay sober. That’s where halfway houses and sober living homes come into play.

What is a Halfway House?

Halfway houses allow people with physical, mental and emotional problems recover and learn how to live independently. Some halfway houses also offer living accommodations to people with criminal backgrounds who have recently been released from prison or are on probation.

Halfway houses may be the same thing as a sober living facility, but it depends on the source and how they personally choose to phrase it. Most rehabs use the term “sober living facility” or “transitional housing,” and it is limited to people who are from a rehab completing treatment.

How Does a Sober Living Home in Delray Help?

If you are attending outpatient rehab or recently completed treatment at a residential facility, a sober living home can help you transition back into society as you establish a career and strengthen important skills. Sober living homes help you learn how to communicate and work with others, follow rules and maintain a healthy schedule.

Routine is crucial to a happy, productive life, and it’s a challenge for many people to follow one after months or years of addiction. With a sober living home, you have a source of accountability and structure that can help prevent relapse and encourage you to keep working hard. You can also live in a sober living home while you apply to jobs, get an education and continue to attend therapy.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Delray

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