Is Alcohol Group Therapy Like a 12-Step Meeting

If you are in a rehabilitation program for alcohol use disorder, whether it is inpatient or outpatient, the chances are you will be in group therapy at some point. Group therapy is widely used to treat addiction and other mental health issues because it helps you learn from people who are currently going through what you are going through. Twelve-Step Meetings are a form of group therapy, but they are not the only form of group therapy. In a rehabilitation facility, alcohol group therapy is not like a 12-Step Meeting. This can be a relief for those of you who do not believe in the 12 Steps or have had less than ideal experience in 12-Step Meetings. If 12-Step Meetings have worked for you, alcohol group therapy is a great supplement.

Alcohol group therapy in a rehab facility will typically consist of a facilitator. The facilitator will typically be a licensed counselor who works at the facility. The counselor may or may not explicitly state the therapy method that is being used (e.g. cognitive-behavioral therapy). The therapy session will typically have a topic. The rest of the session will be turned over to you and the other clients to share on it while the facilitator continues to facilitate by giving his or her input, pointing important ideas out, and asking a question to make a point.

The Differences Between Alcohol Group Therapy and a 12-Step Meeting

• Use of Evidence-Based Therapy Instead of Twelve Steps
This the key difference between alcohol group therapy and 12-Step Meetings is the foundation of group therapy is evidence-based therapy methods as opposed to the 12 Steps. Therefore, belief in a Higher Power of any form is not a requirement and will not really be discussed.
• Having a Professional Present
Twelve-Step Meetings are typically strictly governed by those who attend the meetings by taking group consciences. The tools of the program are provided by The Big Book of Alcoholics’ Anonymous and other conference-approved literature. Alcohol group therapy sessions are conducted by a professional who will provide tools and suggestions.
• Goal-Oriented Topics
The topics in a 12-Step Meeting are typically general and stem from the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, slogans, and Conference-approved literature (e.g. Step 2, serenity, Higher Power, etc.). The topics in group therapy are more goal-oriented (e.g. managing urges, rebuilding a relationship with your family, controlling anger, etc.).

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