How Do You Go About Finding an AA Sponsor?

Every new adventure requires some type of teacher, guide, or mentor. Think about having a personal trainer at the gym. Isn’t their role to encourage and support you through your physical health journey? Don’t they motivate you to keep going even when you are just about to give up? Well, then what makes having a Sponsor to support your sobriety any different? No matter where you are at in your recovery process, having a Sponsor is always a great way to help you stay on track, even when you feel like throwing in the towel. So, how exactly do you go about finding an AA Sponsor?

  • Call A Recovery Hotline. Plenty of recovery centers are available 24/7 for you to call to get the most updated local information regarding AA meeting locations, times, and Sponsors.
  • Attend AA Meetings. Going to an AA meeting is a great way to get your Sponsor process started. Listen to the other members, and observe their behavior and stories. Listening to the variety of members can help you identify a potential Sponsor that fits your needs.
  • Ask other members for recommendations, or see if the group has a Sponsor board. If you have listened in the group, and are still unsure of who might be a good fit as your Sponsor, start asking other members to suggest someone. Some groups might even have a Sponsor sign up sheet with their contact information.

How do you choose a Sponsor that is the right fit for you?

  • Pick someone that is positive about their sobriety. A Sponsor should be happy about their recovery decision and enjoy life being sober. This doesn’t mean that they are perfect, it just means that they are confident that life is more valuable than their addiction.
  • Look for a Sponsor with a great track record for dedication. A Sponsor should have a good reputation of long term sobriety and true dedication to his/her previous sponsees. Just make sure they aren’t over dedicated by having too many sponsees, as this could spread them too thin.
  • Avoid any Sponsor that is a potential love interest. Your Sponsor should be able to focus solely on your sobriety without involving the complications of attraction. Any sexual tension, or chemistry, in any way from either you or the Sponsor, should automatically disqualify them from being your Sponsor. Your main priority should be focusing on you and your recovery.
  • Make sure your Sponsor will be available to you 24/7. At some point, even in the middle of the night, you might have doubts, questions, concerns, or feel like relapsing. Anything can cause you to have a low day, and your Sponsor should be available to you round the clock. They are there to listen and encourage you to keep going by helping you cope without your addiction.

Having a Sponsor does not mean that you are weak or can’t face sobriety on your own. Having a Sponsor means that you are wise enough to know that you need someone else to help support and encourage you. It means that you are smart enough to know a Sponsor is a positive influence you need to hold you accountable.

A Sponsor is someone who understands what you have been through and can relate to you in many ways others cannot. A Sponsor is someone that believes in you and helps you understand that your life is not defined by your addiction, but the person you become without it.

If you are ready to take the next steps, call our 24/7 recovery hotline now at 833-846-5669!