Are There Affordable Recovery Options for Disabled People Who Can’t Work?

Addiction problems don’t discriminate with people when it comes to destroying someone’s life. Those who deal with some sort of disability are not immune. In fact, it’s believed they may be at an even higher risk for a drug or alcohol problem. The good news is that there are clinics out there, equipped to accommodate a disabled person in their treatment clinics.

Sadly, though, many don’t seek help for their problem, because they don’t believe that they are affordable recovery options for disabled people who can’t work. The opposite is true, though. There are a few different options to pay for a rehab recovery program out there for those who aren’t able to find or gain employment. It’s just a matter of doing your research to find the best way that works for your situation. Some of the options we’ll look at, here, are:

  • Government assistance
  • Private pay
  • Grants

Recovery payment options for disabled people who can’t work

Often, those with disabling conditions, who aren’t able to work, rely on government assistance for money to live on. When you qualify for those programs, you are usually enrolled in one of the medical care insurance plans that go along with it. Those plans will pay for a certain portion of the treatment to help offset the costs for you. To use this type of insurance, however, you should expect that there will be strict requirements. One of them being the type of center you use for your addiction recovery. They don’t always cover all types of services either.

To help pay for any remaining balance, payment plans are available at most clinics. With no job to earn income, you may have to rely on friends or family members to help out. In some cases, you might qualify for a scholarship or grant that will cover the costs of your rehab program. Check with the clinic you’re considering using to see if there are any you can apply to.

Those who have a disabling condition can still get recovery for an addiction that plagues them. Paying for the costs associated with rehab recovery with government assistance coverage or by getting financial help from others. Don’t let your finances stop you from seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem. Give us a call at 833-846-5669, and we’ll be glad to guide you through all the options you have at your fingertips.