Is Drug Treatment in Florida Any Different From Other Areas?

Inpatient drug treatment facilities exist throughout the country. Many individuals choose to go to a treatment facility out-of-state. Attending an inpatient facility that is far from home may allow for benefits that in-state treatment facilities don\’t provide. These benefits include new scenery, removal from environmental triggers that may lead to relapse, and withdrawal from contact with others that may promote the recovering individual to use drugs again. Florida is has a plentiful network of drug treatment facilities. The facilities for drug rehabilitation in Florida differ slightly from other treatment facilities in other states, but for the most part, they include the same services and care that are given in substance abuse treatment facilities throughout the country.

Drug Treatment in Florida

The state of Florida has a plethora of different types of drug treatment facilities to choose from. Some of the treatment centers offer luxury settings with unique cutting edge treatments. There are also treatment facilities in Florida that offer a more affordable and traditional form of drug rehabilitation and care. The majority of the cities in Florida (e.g., Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami) are home to many reputable and high-quality treatment centers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

How Florida Treatment is Different from Treatment in Other States

The state of Florida has enacted laws in order to aid individuals who are struggling with addiction. Specifically, these laws pertain to individuals who have gotten in trouble legally or those who have refused treatment. Florida\’s substance abuse impairment act (i.e., The Marchman Act)is a statute that aids individuals in locating and receiving treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Under the Marchman Act, an individual may be involuntarily held and assessed for substance abuse or addiction issues through the legal system within the Florida courts. Family members of individuals who have substance abuse issues are able to help their loved ones go to rehab, even if their loved one refuses to get the treatment they need for their substance abuse and addiction issues. If you or a loved one are seeking treatment for substance abuse or addiction, please contact us at 833-846-5669. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and they look forward to answering your questions and addressing your specific needs.

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