Are There Affordable Rehab Options for People with Limited Income?

Rehabilitation for substance abuse and addiction can be extremely costly. Many individuals feel as though they are unable to attend rehab due to their limited income. Treatment addiction can be affordable and sometimes even free of cost. This means that individuals who are seeking help for their substance abuse issues can receive quality care even if they have difficulty paying for treatment.

Affordable Treatment Options for Substance Abuse

Rehabilitation for substance abuse can be affordable due to several factors. These factors include:

  • Treatment centers may allow for qualified individuals with low income to receive treatment at a discounted rate that is affordable for their unique needs.
  • Certain insurance programs provide coverage for mental health coverage that includes rehabilitation for addiction.
  • Most treatment centers will allow patients to pay a manageable rate each month during their treatment.

In 2014, the Affordable Care Act supplemented coverage of mental health care to include substance abuse and addiction disorders as an essential benefit for health insurance. This coverage extends to Medicaid and in each health insurance program that is sold within the Health Insurance Exchanges. Further, private health insurance programs that include mental health treatment within their coverage are required to include treatment for substance abuse within their coverage.

Other Options for Affordable Rehab Treatment

The United States government sponsors a program, The Health Center Program, that was developed to provide primary health care in a community-based setting for individuals with limited or no income. Health care centers are considered to be federally sponsored treatment options. The centers are able to operate due to federal grant funding. These centers may also accept insurance payments. It is important to remember that these health care centers cannot deny treatment to anyone regardless of if they have insurance or do not have insurance.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there are approximately 1,400 health centers open and in operation in the United States. Health care centers are able to provide care for many types of issues that may co-occur with addiction including diabetes, infections, heart disease, joint pain, and reproductive health.

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