What Are the Signs You Need Alcohol Rehab?

Deep down, you probably already know you need alcohol rehab even without reviewing the signs. If you think you may have a drinking problem, you probably do and you’re just gathering up the courage to take the next step. Many times, people with alcoholism will blackout and wake up the next day with gaps in their memory. This leads them to consider rehab, but, as the memory of the blackout fades, they lose interest in seeking treatment. This is just one indication that you really do need the help offered in an alcohol treatment program.

You may also found that others are expressing concern about your drinking. Whether they’re friends with whom you usually drink or concerned family members, criticism of your habits often indicates that your drinking is out of control. Your first inclination might be to start hiding your drinking habits, but this is also a sign that you need professional help. When you look for ways to conceal your drinking or avoid friends and family out of a fear of their criticism, you may need the help they have suggested.

Your Life is Falling Apart

As your alcoholism grows more severe, you may be experiencing increased problems in your life. If you’re repeatedly late for school or work, or missing days altogether, this may indicate that drinking has taken on a bigger role in your life. People in need of alcohol treatment also give up on their hobbies and activities, because they want more time to drink. If the majority of your thoughts are on getting your next drink or thinking about ways to pay for your habit, this is a strong indication that you do need treatment.

You may also be experiencing a loss of interest in personal hygiene. Much like giving up your favorite hobbies, you’ll also lose interest in taking care of yourself. This is partly because you’re more focused on getting your next drink. Also, the addiction is robbing you of your motivation and you just won’t feel like bathing, eating, or brushing your teeth. At this point, your addiction to alcohol has grown very severe and you’re in immediate need of help.If you have tried to quit drinking and failed to stay clean, you may need a detox and rehab. Call our counselors 24 hours a day at 833-846-5669 to begin your recovery. Once you commit to getting sober and recovering from your alcoholism, you’ll regain your mental clarity and your passion for living. Your first step on that journey is to discuss your recovery options with one of our counselors.