If I Need Detox, What Are My Treatment Options?

Detox is the first step in treatment for substance abuse. During detox, medical professionals use several different treatment methods to help patients deal with withdrawal from substances. Detox helps individuals go through the withdrawal process in a safe and comfortable way. Detox programs typically begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of patients health history, substance use, symptoms, and treatment goals. After the comprehensive assessment, medical professionals place patients in the appropriate care level. Medical then begin to administer medication and support in order to stabilize patients. After completion of detox, patients typically enter a treatment program in order to address their substance use. Detox programs typically refer or set up treatment for their patients after they complete detox.

Detox programs provide a wide range of services, medical professionals, and treatment settings. Some detox programs provide and administer medications to help reduce the level of withdrawal symptoms, while other detox programs do not provide or administer medications. Detox programs that do not provide medication are known as non-medical social detox. Non-medical social detox provides support from medical staff and a safe comfortable environment to aid in the withdrawal process.

Time Frame and Cost of Detox

There is no set amount of time for how long detox programs last. This is due to the unique individual’s factors that each patient may have. The length of time an individual may spend in detox is impacted by several factors including:

  • The types of substances used
  • The length of time substances have been used
  • The amount of substance used and how often they were used
  • Having other medical or psychological disorders
  • The detox treatment plan developed by medical professionals

Some detox programs quickly end substance use, while others allow their patients to taper off their substance. Tapering substances will make a detox program last longer than programs that quickly end substance use. The cost of detox varies depending on the program. More intensive detox programs will cost more. This is due to the around the clock care that is provided by doctors and nurses. Detox programs that provide and administer medication typically cost more than programs that do not provide medication. The length of treatment can also impact the cost of detox. Programs that last longer are typically more expensive when compared to programs that are shorter in duration. Detox programs that are located in prime locations, like the beach, are more expensive that detox facilities located elsewhere.

The quality of care also affects the cost of detox. Facilities that have expert medical staff typically cost more. The staff in detox facilities that cost more are trained in treating both psychological and physical aspects of withdrawal. These types of programs are also able to effectively treat individuals who may be polysubstance users as well as individuals who have co-morbid psychological disorders. If you would like more information regarding detox, please call us today at 833-846-5669.