Are There Scholarships or Grants to Cover the Cost of Drug Treatment?

Treatment for drug addiction can be extremely expensive. Inpatient treatment can cost approximately $5,000 up to $20,000 for 30 days. Outpatient treatment ranges from approximately $3,000 to $10,000 for 90 days. There are many individuals who are seeking help that do not have insurance and see the cost of rehab as a barrier to getting the help they deserve. There are scholarships to help individuals pay for drug treatment.

Scholarships are usually provided by facilities or third party foundations. In general, individual facilities are the main source of scholarships for treatment. Scholarships are usually granted on a case by case basis to people who are unable to afford the treatment they need. Scholarships that are granted by individual facilities are typically harder to find. Each facility must be contacted by the patient directly in order for them to inquire about scholarships. Some facilities are run by larger corporations. These types of treatment facilities may have more scholarship opportunities as their parent company is able to provide more financial help to patients. The parent corporations are able to offer funds to cover treatment costs for individuals who qualify for a scholarship. Non-profit foundations often provide scholarships for individuals who are in need of treatment and unable to afford the costs.

What Do Scholarships Cover?

Scholarships are given at both outpatient and inpatient treatment centers. Inpatient treatment centers are usually more expensive, so they typically provide more financial assistance than outpatient treatment centers. Specific treatments that are covered by scholarship funds will vary within each treatment program. Scholarships generally cover treatments that are not optional and they may not cover luxury treatments. Treatments that may fall into the luxury or optional categories include acupuncture and massage therapy. These types of treatments are usually not covered by scholarship funding.

Scholarships generally cover the entire cost of treatment or a portion of the costs of treatment, depending on the financial need of the patient. If an individual is unable to find scholarship funding for treatment, there are other options. Some states offer free treatment in treatment facilities that are run by the local or state government. These types of facilities are generally smaller and have limited space for patients. Other options include a sliding scale plan for individuals who are unable to pay the full costs of treatment. This type of plan is usually referred to as income-based enrollment.

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