What Are the Advantages of a Sober Living Facility?

Once you are released from an addiction recovery center, you are usually left to face life’s challenges on your own. While some people may be ready for this pivotal step of independence, others may not be as equipped for this change. Sober living facilities, often referred to as group homes or halfway houses, are designed to prepare you for the outside world while giving you the confidence to remain sober along the way.

Sober living homes will be helpful to those who:

  • Are in fear of relapse
  • Live in an environment that may trigger substance abuse
  • Are in lack of a strong support system

A standard living arrangement typically ranges from 30-90 days; however, you can extend your stay until you feel comfortable living on your own. While each group home has its own set of rules and practices, the overall goal is to get each member adjusted to a healthier lifestyle. Here is why you should consider moving into a sober living facility.

Advantages Of Sober Living FacilitiesPlacing yourself in the exact environment in which you picked up your addiction can greater your chances of a relapse. A temporary stay at a group home will allow you to break free from your normal routine and live in a trigger-free space. Each facility consists of like-minded residents who often develop lifelong friendships with one another. Though it differs from home to home, certain regulations such as set curfews, random drug tests, group meetings, and counseling sessions are commonly required. Also, facilitators assign specific household chores in order to develop practical habits and maintain structured lifestyles.

Group homes make it their mission to ensure that each resident is able to sustain in the outside world by assisting in the search of employment and housing. Once employed, residents receive the support needed to make certain that they are able to maintain their jobs and additional obligations. If it appears that a client may succumb to addiction or substance abuse, the home may require additional recovery therapy.

Recovering from substance abuse is a monumental accomplishment, but staying sober can come with its own set of challenges. Sober living facilities are designed to make sure that your past life of addiction never makes its way back into your future. Contact us today at 833-846-5669 to find out how our facility can help you maintain sobriety once and for all.