How Common Is It To Go To A Halfway House in Delray Beach After Rehab?

Completion of inpatient rehab is not the conclusion of the early recovery stage; it is only the beginning. Staying in recovery following your release from rehab is the real test. Relapse is easy to avoid when you are in rehab because you are isolated from the rest of the world and are exclusively focused on your recovery, but the outside world presents many challenges and relapse triggers. Going to a halfway house is a common requisite following treatment because it allows recovering addicts to transition back into the outside world as sober people while living in a structured environment among other healthy individuals.

The benefits of going to a halfway house following your stay in a Delray Beach rehab are:

Structure and Accountability

Halfway houses provide a structure that is similar to that of a rehab. You will be expected to contribute to the household by doing chores and taking your turn cooking. Almost all halfway houses mandate that you maintain a job and/or be enrolled in an education program. They typically charge an affordable rent of 450 to 800 dollars per month. You may be required to submit to a drug test on a random or regular basis or only based upon suspicion.

Living Among Other Recovering Individuals

Living among other recovering individuals is the best living situation you can have during early recovery because you have a 24/7 support network of individuals who can empathize with you. Whenever you are feeling down or are experiencing a relapse trigger, you can collaborate with other recovering individuals on solutions. You also do not have to worry about being tempted by people using alcohol and drugs.

Constant Exposure to Recovery

Halfway houses hold meetings and other recovery-related sessions throughout the day; therefore, you will constantly be bombarded with recovery tools when you are home. The major benefit of constantly having recovery sessions on your agenda while you are home is it keeps your mind occupied on what is healthy.

A Halfway House Environment Following Your Completion of a Delray Beach Rehab

Seacrest Recovery Center is an excellent option to consider following your completion of a Delray Beach rehab. We are an outpatient recovery center that can provide reinforcement of the tools that you learned in treatment. Our Phase Back to Life program consists of three phases. The first phase is the most intense form of outpatient treatment. The second phase is similar to an intensive-outpatient schedule. The third phase is the least intense and similar to meeting with a therapist once or twice a week. All three phases consist of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and job. You have the option of living at the facility during the first two phases of the program.

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