Going to Outpatient Treatment While Living At A Sober Living In Delray Beach

Outpatient treatment offers reinforcement of the tools that you learned in inpatient treatment. Living at a sober living in Delray Beach is the right place to be for your aftercare. Though sober living facilities have numerous recovery activities on the daily agenda, outpatient treatment offers more personalized help.

The benefits of going to outpatient treatment while living at a sober living in Delray Beach are:

Individual Psychological Help

Meetings and meditation sessions are the most common activities that sober living facilities have on the daily agenda. These activities greatly address the spiritual and social aspects of recovery, but they do not necessarily address the underlying psychological issues that may have triggered your addiction. Inpatient treatment or a more intense form of outpatient treatment may have addressed those issues, but it takes much longer than 30 to 90 days to address deep-rooted issues. Outpatient treatment offers you the ability to continue working on your personal issues.

Opportunity to Meet More People

Group therapy is also a part of outpatient treatment. While you have fellowship with the people who reside in your sober living and the outside meeting that you attend, the group therapy in outpatient treatment provides you the opportunity to meet more people. Since the group therapy sessions are not always 12 step meetings, you have the opportunity to learn more from and about people.

More Education About the Disease

Outpatient treatment also offers education sessions about the disease. The key to successfully caring for your disease is understanding it. Once you learn about the disease and how it has affected you physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually, you will be better equipped to address those maladies.

Choosing to Go to Outpatient Treatment While Living in a Delray Beach Sober Living

Outpatient treatment is actually a broad term. It can refer to professional forms of outpatient treatment (e.g. partial-hospitalization, intensive-outpatient, or regular outpatient), seeing a therapist, meetings, or other healthy activities that benefit recovery (e.g. yoga/meditation classes). Recovery is not one-size-fits-all. The most important part of aftercare is that you determine what is right for you.

Seacrest Recovery Center is an outpatient treatment facility that is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our program has clients go through three phases that start out with partial-hospitalization, followed by intensive-outpatient, and concluded with regular outpatient. We are an excellent option for aftercare because they allow the clients to live at the facility during the first two phases while allowing them to leave the premises for work, school, or to see their families.

If you are interested in Seacrest Recovery for primary treatment or aftercare, call us today 833-846-5669