How Common Is It For Just a Plain Alcoholic To Attend A Drug Rehab Center in Florida?

The beast of addiction manifests itself in many forms. Regardless of whether it manifests itself in the form of drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, shopping, co-dependency, etc., it is still addiction. Many alcoholics think that they do not have as severe of an addiction because they are addicted to alcohol, not drugs. Since alcohol is legal and used by most people in the world, it does not carry the same stigma as drugs. Addiction is still addiction, and drug rehab centers are privy to the fact. It is extremely common for plain alcoholics to attend a drug rehab center in Florida. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is still a drug.

The reasons that alcohol is a drug are as follows:

• Alcohol is classified as a depressant because it suppresses body functions (e.g. breathing, speech, reaction time, etc.).
• Alcohol alters people’s moods and perceptions.
• Drinking too much alcohol can lead to an overdose, which is known as alcohol poisoning.
• Untreated alcohol withdrawal in those who suffer from alcoholism can lead to death.

Alcoholism Being Treated in a Drug Rehab Center

Many drug addicts say that they will take anything that can get them high. Recovering drug addicts can never drink alcohol because they can easily switch their addiction. If you are addicted to one drug, you are addicted to all of them. People who only have an alcohol addiction can definitely be treated at a drug rehab center because both drug and alcohol addiction require the same treatment. All addictions require medical, psychological, and spiritual treatment. Some alcoholics many feel that they do not resonate with drug addicts, but once they open up their minds and become educated on what addiction actually is, they realize that they have the same problem as drug addicts. The only difference is the substance being used.

Seacrest Recovery is an outpatient rehab that is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. We treat every type of addiction. Contrary to many other Florida rehab centers, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We gear each client’s treatment plan towards their individual case. Though the other clients may have a different addiction, your treatment protocol will be geared towards your type of addiction and issues that may have triggered your addiction. We accept most major health insurance plans.

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