What If I Go To A Drug Treatment Center And I Don’t Like It? Can I Leave?

You have been traveling on the difficult road of addiction and it has come to the point that you realize you can’t do this anymore. You need to get help. You have tried going solo, but you couldn’t stop on your own. A drug treatment center can help you to turn your life around. It is possible to overcome substance abuse when you have the right kind of support system and professionals to work with you to reach your goal. Before you begin, you need to understand your options as you make this major decision in your life.


Can You Leave if You Aren’t Happy with Your Program?

You need to understand that entering a drug treatment center, unless mandated by a court order, is completely your choice. Once you begin treatment, you can leave anytime you wish. You are not being held prisoner in your drug treatment center. Your willing participation will improve your chances for a successful recovery. While it is true that your participation is voluntary, you need to understand that your insurance company may not cover the costs of treatment if you leave. You may not be covered for a new program either. You should contact your insurance company representatives to have a good understanding of what will happen if you choose to leave your drug treatment center because you do not like the facility or feel that it is not effective for you.


Your drug treatment experience should be positive from the start. Take the time to research your options and find a center that makes you feel comfortable. Learn about your options. Ask important questions, such as:

  • Does your treatment facility include detox?
  • Will you have inpatient or outpatient care?
  • Does your program include aftercare services?

A caring community of professionals is waiting for you at your drug treatment center. To learn more about our facility, contact our helpful staff at 833-846-5669 to discuss your treatment options. Give us a chance to help you on this journey. We offer you comprehensive services, an inviting environment, and a plan of action that will help you to leave addiction behind. We’re only a phone call away to help you take this important step in your recovery journey.