Are Florida Recovery Center Reviews Real or Fake?

Just like when you are choosing any other product or service, you are inclined to go online and look up reviews on Florida recovery centers. Choosing a Florida recovery center is the most important service that you will need to use in your lifetime. The difference between choosing the right recovery center and the wrong recovery center can be life and death. When you look up a Florida recovery center, you are likely to find many positive reviews of people’s and families’ lives being changed and claims of high success rates. The massive amount of positive reviews and high success rates may leave you skeptical about the authenticity of the reviews.
The Florida addiction recovery industry is an ethical industry that is devoted to giving people the best chances of lifelong recovery, not their profits and prestige. Their public relations policies are based on attraction rather than promotion. Therefore, the Florida recovery center reviews are real. The positive reviews and high success rates can be attributed to their combination of positive aspects working together.

• Over three decades of experience in treating addiction using the Florida Model.
• Beautiful healing environments.
• Highly-experienced and well-educated staff.
• Being up to date on addiction research to provide cutting-edge treatment.

Using the Reviews to Find the Right Recovery Center for You

Since the reviews were genuinely written by people and families who have suffered from addiction and recovered due to the excellent of Florida recovery centers, you can use them to find the right recovery center for you. There are several features you can look for in reviews to determine which Florida recovery center is right for you.

• Specific types of programs that would benefit you (e.g. gender, LGBT, Christian, trauma-focused etc.)
• Mention of holistic therapies that meet your interests (e.g. equine therapy, nature therapy, art therapy, acupressure/acupuncture)
• Names of specific staff members that are being mentioned in several reviews and the details of the qualities that made them stand out to the reviewers.
• Amenities that meet your interests and cater to your needs (e.g. farmland, pool, proximity to beach, cable tv, sports complex, etc.)
• Licensed and Accreditation (e.g. Joint Commission Accredited)

Seacrest Recovery Center is a reputable outpatient facility in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their philosophy is to be your first step to a new life. They take a holistic approach to treating addiction, have a highly-trained staff, the amenities of a serene environment and luxurious accommodations, and Joint Commission accredited. Call us today at (800) 411-8019