What Are Delray Beach Rehab Centers Like?

Delray Beach is the largest recovery community in the United States. South Florida rehab centers are more than just a trend in the recovery world. They have a proven successful track record in helping people achieve lifelong recovery for several decades. Their reputation may have prompted you to consider going to a Delray Beach rehab center to break free from the chains of your addiction and start a new life. However, you may be paralyzed to take further action due to of the fear of the unknown.

Many addicted individuals who are considering going rehab are often paralyzed by the schema of rehab being similar to jail or a mental institution. While that may have been the reality of rehabs four decades ago and some rehabs may still utilize that traditional model, rehabs in Delray are the furthest thing from a jail or psych hospital. They are homey, healing environments where you will participate in a variety of engaging activities to heal yourself and -best of all-learn to have fun while sober.

The Details of a Delray Beach Rehab

Delray treatment centers’ success can be attributed to the proven-successful, world-renowned Florida Model of addiction treatment, which consists of

Homey Living Spaces

Your living quarters at a treatment center will be separate from the buildings where you receive treatment like how dormitories are separate from academic buildings on college campuses. They are identical to a regular apartment. You will have a comfortable bedroom, clean bathroom that will only be shared with your roommate (if you even have a roommate), and kitchenette. The purpose of the homey living spaces are to make you feel as comfortable as you would be at home and to teach you living skills (e.g. cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.).

Traveling to Different Buildings

Your therapies will take place in different buildings on the rehab center complex, so you will not be stuck under one roof. For example, your meetings and individual therapy make take place in the main building and fitness therapy will take place in the recreation center.

Plenty of Outdoor Time

In addition to the traveling to the different buildings, you will have plenty of time outdoors to soak up the Florida sun. Your nature therapy, animal therapy, adventure therapy, and possible other experiential therapies will be done outdoors. You will also have trips where you will go off-site to go to the beach, boating, snorkeling, sports complexes, and even to the movies. The goal of this outdoor time is to have you open up about your emotions in a light, indirect way, get into a healing mindset, and teach you how to have fun and socialize while sober.

Holistic Healing

Along with the experiential therapies, Delray Beach rehabs teach nutrition and give acupuncture/acupressure, massage therapy, spa treatments, etc. to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

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