Drug Rehab in Florida Didn\’t Work For Me. Now What Should I Do?

\"\"If you attended a drug rehab center in Florida and are experiencing a relapse, don\’t be too hard on yourself. It\’s important to realize the actual statistical evidence of what happens in life after rehab. About 40 to 60 percent of attendees relapse within the first year. After that period, the number of relapses greatly declines.

This means that relapse is a common problem that many have to deal with. You should work on learning from your mistakes of where your sobriety turned into relapse. You can\’t change the past, but you can definitely learn from it to improve your actions in the future. Let\’s look at some other things you should do to help get drug-free again.


Examine Your Experience

You should examine your rehab experience beyond the moment that you relapsed. Did you have a quality level of care? Were you able to gain access to aftercare? Did you have a family support system? These all influence a person\’s ability to successfully stay sober after completing rehabilitation.

A lack in any of these things can lead to a relapse. If you can note that you did not have one or more of these factors, then you know where to start when you undergo your next rehab stay. Being successfully sober is all about learning from your mistakes and getting better with time.


Talk To Other Recovery Addicts That Have Been Sober Longer Than You

One very helpful tactic is to spend some time with addicts who have been sober longer than you. If you can find an addict that relapsed and then stayed sober afterward, you can likely find a companion. This companion will be able to go over your day-to-day life and thoughts to help decipher where it all went wrong.

When you find someone who has gone through the same thing you have, they tend to have knowledge that others who haven\’t gone through the experience simply lack. If they are still sober, they obviously have a solution that works. Try to discover what that solution is so that you can apply it in your own life to make rehab work for you.

It\’s important to take sobriety one step at a time. Rehab takes a lot of work, both mental and physical, to work successfully. It\’s very common for addicts to relapse due to psychological issues associated with addiction. Take your time and try again.

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