I Only Drink On The Weekends, Why Does Everyone Say I Need Rehab?

You don’t think you have a problem with alcohol. You manage to go to work, take care of your responsibilities, and function all week long. When the weekend rolls around, you like cutting loose, relaxing a bit, and hit the bars. This is the time when you break out the beer with your buddies when you’re watching the game. Once Monday arrives, you put your drinking behind you. Your friend and family are worried about you. They think it is time you consider rehab. You don’t understand why.

Signs that You May Have a Drinking Problem

You may think that your weekend drinking is recreational and not a problem. However, if you plan your life around it or you go to extremes, it may be more of an issue that you think. Here are some of the warning signs that your drinking is a concern:

  • You look at drinking as a way to relax and escape your problems
  • You drink until you black out
  • You drink high levels of alcohol every weekend
  • You can’t cut alcohol out of your life

Even though you only drink on the weekends, it may still affect your life all of the time. If you find that you are slacking on your responsibilities or having a hard time concentrating, your weekend drinking could be to blame. It could have a negative impact on your job performance. If you find that you don’t feel well during the week, you could be experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. Your drinking could be placing tension on your relationships. The biggest sign that alcohol is getting in your way is when you can’t imagine your life without it.

It’s time to create a future that doesn’t revolve around drinking at any time. Listen to those who care about you and want to improve your well-being. Contact our rehabilitation facility at 833-846-5669 to learn more about what we can offer you. We understand that there can be a lot of anxiety when it comes to taking this first step. You are sure to have questions and may still have your doubts about a need for alcohol rehab services. Our counselors will be happy to help you to take control of your life. Don’t let alcohol call the shots anymore.