Do Treatment Centers in South Florida Provide Intervention Resources?

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that a loved one is struggling with addiction. It’s even harder for the addict to come to terms with the fact that they have a problem. Yet, the signs that a substance abuse problem exists might make you think to contact a South Florida treatment center for help in staging an intervention. This should be reserved as a last resort. First, you should try to determine if the signs of addiction are present. These include:

  • Avoiding social encounters with family and friends
  • Struggling with finances
  • Frequently late to school or work
  • Becoming withdrawn from activities they once enjoyed

If you do observe these signs of addiction, you still aren’t quite ready to stage an intervention. The next step should be to discuss your concerns with the individual directly. This discussion should not be accusatory and you should not seek to place blame. Instead, explain why you’re concerned and show them that you want to support them in seeking recovery help. You should make several attempts like this, before you consider staging an intervention.

Can South Florida Treatment Centers Help?

At some point, you may have to recognize that a firmer hand is needed to help your loved one seek treatment. In these situations, you should seek the help of a treatment center in South Florida. Many facilities employ their own intervention specialists. Others may recommend a third-party intervention specialist with whom the facility caregivers closely work. In either case, an intervention specialist can help host a more successful intervention. Again, the intervention isn’t designed to place blame or instill guilt.

The goal is to get your loved one to seek addiction treatment by bringing their loved ones together to express their concern. Even so, the encounter can be especially emotional, so the intervention specialist will be there to moderate the discussion. The intervention specialist won’t be there to force the individual into treatment, but to encourage helpful conversation.

Ultimately, the choice to seek treatment must be up to the addict. If you do believe a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse problem, you can contact our counselors at 833-846-5669. We’re available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about the treatment process. A phone session can provide you with the insight and resources you need to help you get your loved one to accept addiction treatment.