Are There Curfews at Sober Living Homes in Delray Beach?

Sober living homes in Delray Beach are designed to help those who have recently recovered from alcohol or substance abuse stay on a clear path to sobriety. The residents are allowed to leave the home to go to work, school, and visit with their loved ones as long as they follow certain guidelines. They are required to pay their own rent, clean up after themselves, and follow other house rules, including complying to a strict curfew.

Some may complain about having to abide by a curfew, but this rule is not put in place to “punish” the residence or reduce their control over their own lives. This rule, just like the others, is put in place to ensure that each resident feels safe and less likely to succumb to addiction. Here is why it is necessary for residents to comply with their check-in time.

Why Is A Curfew Necessary?

Having a curfew is nothing like imprisonment, nor should it feel as if you aren’t free to make your own decisions. It only exists to preserve your sobriety so that you don’t fall victim to temptation. For example, many sober living homes require their residents to be indoors by nightfall, and some may prevent housemates from leaving the home on weekends. This is because drug-use becomes more prevalent during those times. Instead of allowing their participants to submerge into the outside world during those time periods, there may be mandatory house meetings and group activities to tend to.

Following a curfew is another way to establish structure in one’s life. It requires both planning and good decision-making skills that will follow the residents far beyond their stay at the sober living home. When one is being held accountable to certain standards, he is more likely to stay on track. The idea is to attain a life of normalcy while not giving residents too much time to roam aimlessly in the outside world before they feel comfortable enough to not give in to potential urges.

Failure to adhere to the curfew standard could lead to a discharge from the sober living facility. While each home has its own check-in time, they are always reasonable and can easily be followed without interfering in other areas of a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today at 833-846-5669 to see how our facility can help secure your sobriety!