Are There Affordable Rehab Options that Aren’t Government Funded?

In general terms, private rehab facilities are more expensive than the facilities operated by government organizations. Even so, there are private treatment options to fit any budget. It may take some searching, but rehab isn’t a decision you should rush into in any case. Taking the time to learn about each treatment facility will help you determine the facilities that offer you the best chance for a sustained recovery. As you search, you can begin by narrowing down those rehab centers that will fit into your budget.

The advantage of paying a little more for addiction treatment at a privately owned rehab facility is that they typically have more resources. Since they operate on a for-profit basis, their goal is to ensure each patient has the best chances for recovery. To that end, they typically offer more premium services, such as massage therapy, recreational facilities, acupuncture, and more resources. By exploring what each facility in your area has to offer, you can find the rehab facilities that appeal to you the most.

How Can You Pay for Private Rehab?

If you assume that patients in a private rehab facility are paying the full cost out of pocket, you’re mistaken. While some may have the resources to do this, most addicts fund their recovery through other means. In many cases, private insurance, Medicare, or insurance obtained through the Affordable Care Act will cover the cost of treatment. Depending on the individual policy, a portion of the cost, or the entire cost, may be covered. If you haven’t checked with your insurance provider, you may not realize that you can afford more private treatment options.

Additionally, you may be able to obtain the funds to pay for rehab by borrowing the money. Some people borrow from family and obtain the rest through crowdfunding platforms, which allow users to obtain donations for the medical care they need. If you have good credit, a personal loan may be another option to consider. While it depends on your particular circumstances, there may be more ways to finance your addiction treatment. You may even be eligible for tuition assistance, which some private facilities do offer.

If you’re ready to begin rehab and would like to explore your options, give us a call at 833-846-5669. Our counselors can answer your questions and may be able to offer you guidance in finding programs that will help you pay for your recovery. Exploring your financing options with us will bring you one step closer to living a clean and healthy way of life.