Can Rehab Centers in FL Give You the Tools You Need to Feel Good in Your Skin?

Rehab is a time that can be used to take back the life you had before you started using drugs or alcohol. It’s a time of fresh beginnings and new chapters. Rehab can show you what it is like to live in the world without needing to be high or otherwise impaired. When you come out of rehab, you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t include drug use or drinking.

Rehab centers in Florida can do a lot for their patients, but can they give you the tools that you need to feel good in your skin? Let’s continue the conversation below to learn how you can start feeling your best while you are in rehab.

1. Allow forgiveness to be a part of your life

If you are an addict, there is a good chance you are dealing with a lot of self-blame for your past actions. Addiction has the ability to affect your judgment, so you often do and say things that you will greatly regret later on. Continually berating yourself for your past mistakes will not only lower your self-esteem but will also cause you to relapse easier. While you are in rehab, stop and think about your past wrongdoings. One by one, let them go as you forgive yourself for them. Next, think about how you will do things differently when you are out of rehab. Don’t dwell on the past when you can’t change it.

2. Write out daily affirmations for yourself

Affirmations are positive statements you should get into the habit of saying every day. It’s sometimes hard to get into the habit of complimenting yourself, so make sure you do it every day until you feel better about the practice. Write down words of encouragement to get you through the day, such as:

“I am good enough”

“I am proud of the work I have done”

“I will make the most of each day”

“I love myself unconditionally”

“I will work as hard as possible today”

Having an affirmation to read every day will help you discard the negatives in order to enjoy the positives in your life. You’ll start loving who you are a little bit more every day. When you are dealing with an addiction, affirmations can be particularly helpful to your self-worth.

3. Be kind to others

When you were displaying addictive behavior in the past, you likely did some things that you now regret. As we stated above, forgiving yourself for these transgressions is the first step. Now, commit to doing a kind deed every day. Rehab will teach you how important it is to interact with others in a positive way. It doesn’t have to be a particularly huge gesture. Just holding the door for someone or offering your help will go a long way in making you feel worthwhile. When you’re ready to step up your game, look for ways to make a bigger difference. The kinder you are, the better you will feel in your skin!

4. It’s okay to accept a compliment

It’s been shown that people with low self-esteem issues often have trouble accepting compliments from others. While you are in rehab, your therapists will help you understand that you are worth the time and effort others put in when they say something positive about you. When you were an addict, you likely felt a lot of self-loathing and hatred towards yourself. This, in turn, made you feel as though you weren’t worthy of a nice compliment. While you are going through the rehab process, start making an effort to accept compliments as they come to you. Always assume that the person is sincere when they say it, and try your best to resist dismissing the compliment.

5. It’s time to make changes!

Feeling good in your own skin means changing the things about you that you don’t like. While we can’t change the things we did in the past, we can do whatever is possible to be a good person in the future. Remember, your addiction does not define you as a person. Everyone makes mistakes! What is important now is to move on with your life by focusing on your sobriety. You deserve a second chance, and we know that you will make the most of your newfound sobriety every day of your life.

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