What Happens if You Leave Inpatient Drug Rehab Midway Through a Program?

Taking the viewpoint that you can leave addiction treatment anytime might be what it takes to get you to feel comfortable enough to enter a rehab program. While you do have the right to leave when you want in most cases, you’ll find that sticking it out is the best way to begin recovering from an addiction. Technically, you may be able to just walk out those doors, but it is important to remind yourself of the reasons why you chose to go to rehab. You chose to go to rehab to get healthier, happier and more financially stable. Still, knowing what happens if you live inpatient drug rehab partly through the program makes it easier to stay motivated for finishing your treatment.

There are some people who are more likely to leave treatment before it is time. Asking what happens could be you already feeling a sense of concern about whether or not you can complete the whole course of treatment. This might be due to you having a past experience with not finishing things you start, or you could just be concerned about what staying in a residential care facility is like. Thinking about your risk factors for leaving the program early can help you start to make plans to deal with any issues that arise.

You are at a greater risk of trying to leave your rehab program early if you start to experience any of the following thoughts or behaviors.

  • feeling a lack of support for your withdrawal symptoms
  • worrying about your finances
  • thinking that you aren’t like the other people in the program
  • believing that you don’t really have a problem that requires professional treatment

All of these feelings might have some degree of validity. For example, you might genuinely feel like your withdrawal symptoms are unmanageable. If so, then this is a sign that you need to reach out to your care team. Addiction treatment counselors understand that you are going to go through a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms. No one is going to be offended if you say that what you are doing doesn’t feel like it is working. Instead, your treatment team will work with you to find new strategies that help you feel better. Communication is often the best thing to try before you attempt to walk out those doors.

Keep Your Life On Track by Finishing Your Addiction Treatment Program

The majority of people who enter a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program are free to leave at any time. Although some people may be placed in the program by a court order, it is very rare for someone to be held against their will. In fact, you cannot be held by a rehab unless there is a court mandated requirement in place due to you being a threat to yourself or others. You may, however, need to consider what could happen if you were ordered to attend treatment by a court. This often occurs if you have a DUI or other type of criminal charge that is linked to your addiction. If you are required to attend treatment and walk out, then you could face further consequences for your actions. Keep in mind that you might be able to work out a different type of treatment such as moving to outpatient care if the court allows it.

There are also potential consequences for your life in general even if you aren’t under a court order for treatment. Addiction treatment is designed to help you work through the underlying reasons for your need to use drugs or alcohol. Leaving too soon may mean that mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety go untreated. You might also be forced to try to live a sober lifestyle without having the coping skills that you would have learned and refined in the final parts of your treatment.

When you think about it, the worst thing that can happen if you leave treatment early is that you’ll fall back into the cycle of addiction. Having to pick yourself up all over again and reenter a program is hard, and it is often better to just stick out the program. If you feel the need to leave, then just say something. Reaching out for additional support could be all it takes to keep you from returning home and starting bad habits up all over again.

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