Is It Helpful for Me to Research Rehab Facilities Near Me for My Son?

When addiction hits close to home, we often don’t know what to do. When it is your child who is suffering from addiction, whether to drugs, alcohol, or both, you’ll want to do everything in your power to help them overcome their problem. It’s often hard to know just where you should start when your son is an addict. Would it be helpful to research rehab facilities nearby? Keep reading to learn what you can do for your loved one.

Researching Rehabs

Unless your son is a minor, you won’t be able to make him check into a rehab center. He has to make the choice on his own, no matter how far into his addiction he is. However, you can help out when he decides to make this choice for himself. Many addicts don’t get the help they need because they are unsure where to start. It’s perfectly okay for loved ones to lend a hand at this point. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices, especially if you are okay with branching out to other towns and states to find the best help.

Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

One of the first steps to finding a rehab facility for your son is to decide whether or not he will be going into an inpatient or outpatient clinic. Let’s read on to learn more.

Inpatient- If your son can commit to a 24-hour rehab facility, then inpatient will be the right choice. Your son will have a room in rehab for at least a couple of weeks. In many cases, the programs run for 30 to 60-days at a time. Inpatient treatment is the better choice for long-term users.

Outpatient- If your son cannot commit to rehab day and night, your local outpatient center may be the better choice. This way, he can still go to work or take care of family responsibilities while he gets the help he needs. Many users choose outpatient rehab when they haven’t been using for long.

Before your son decides on the facility, make sure he understands what each one entails. While inpatient is usually the better choice, he may be more willing to go if he can work rehab into his schedule.

What to Look For

Your son will likely need to go through detox when he gets to rehab. Ask around to find the best one. If he believes that he will need medication during his withdrawals, then it is important to find a facility that offers medically-monitored detox services. While outpatient treatments will offer some type of detox, your son will be better off signing into a 30-day or more program. He’ll get the help he needs to be comfortable while he goes through the worst of his withdrawal symptoms.

When researching rehab centers, look for those that are focused on multiple therapy options. Your son may or may not be given a dual diagnosis while he is there. This means that he will be given therapy for any underlying mental issues he has. Additionally, a rehab should offer private and group therapy sessions for their patients. Many rehabs also offer family therapy once the patient has a few weeks of sobriety under their belts.

How Can I Get My Son to Check Into Rehab?

Once you have found a few rehab centers that your son could get a bed in, talk to him about his options. You may need to even stage an intervention for him to make him see how important rehab is to you and your family. Showing him that you are invested in his future will mean a great deal to him. Give him the opportunity to consider the rehab facilities you have found. Ultimately, the choice is his. Let him look over the options and choose the one that is right for him.

Remember, you may be looking at relapse in the future. As a parent, it is just as important for you to get help for your son’s addiction. There are plenty of support groups that are dedicated to helping those affected by addiction. Take some time for yourself to get the support you need. Supporting an addict, especially your own child, can be emotionally exhausting.

We’re Ready to Help

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