Will Delray Rehab Help Treat Illnesses from Alcohol Abuse?

Alcoholism, and other forms of substance use disorder, can lead to many health complications. You have made the decision to go through rehab, but you may be fearful at how to manage your health and treat any underlying conditions you’ve acquired from drinking. The type of rehab you choose will play a large role in the level of care and additional services you receive, including health and pain management. Choosing the right Delray alcohol rehab will ensure that you are able to take care of every facet of your well-being as you go through addiction treatment.

Health Risks of Alcohol

Moderate to heavy drinking for prolonged periods can lead to health complications. Some of the most common conditions people experience as a result of their alcohol use disorder are:

  • Liver damage or disease (cirrhosis).
  • Heart disease.
  • Depression.
  • Anemia.
  • Gout.
  • Cancer.

There is also a potentially life-threatening health risk associated with quitting alcohol called delirium tremens (DTs). This condition occurs as a result of severe alcohol dependency, and it can cause a variety of symptoms including confusion, depression, shaking, vomiting and even heart failure. For this reason, it is recommended that every person who wants to quit drinking starts by finding a qualified alcohol detox center in their area. We can help connect you with the best detox centers in Delray to start your recovery journey; detox centers help reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms by continuously monitoring your health and possibly giving you medication to ease any discomfort.

Health Services in Alcohol Rehab

Many inpatient rehabs offer health services that can help you develop treatment plans for any conditions you have developed from drinking. You may have also turned to alcohol in the past as a way to self-medicate and cope with chronic pain; this is a common reason many people turn to drugs and alcohol, but this does not have to be the case. Through therapy, pain management and working with the right doctors, you can start prioritizing your health alcohol-free. Contact us today at 833-846-5669 to learn more about rehabs and treatment options in Delray. Our representatives will ask you some questions to learn more about your history and medical needs so we can match you with the right rehabs for you.