Can You Still Get Florida Alcohol Rehabilitation Services if You\’ve Been Convicted of a Felony?

If you\’ve been convicted of a felony, you should be aware of a variety of consequences that can affect different aspects of your life. Sometimes you have an opportunity to reduce the severity of a drug-related charge by completing a treatment program.

However, there are situations that cannot be changed, circumstances where a felony already exists on your record. If you find yourself entangled in the web of addiction and wanting to enter a treatment facility, there are still options. Here are a couple of different felony situations and how you might handle them.

Felony Drug Convictions

It isn\’t ironic that a number of individuals looking to enter treatment are facing or have been convicted of drug-related charges. Many of those cases involve felony drug convictions.

As our nation gradually realizes how dramatically drugs and alcohol can alter rational thinking, more court systems are using the idea of alternative sentencing. It is quite possible that pending felony drug charges can be temporarily put on hold until the defendant is given a chance to complete treatment.

With the number of drug cases across the country, it\’s not surprising how many of these are presented to treatment centers for consideration. If you are fortunate enough to be presented with such an opportunity, grab it immediately. Most importantly, take advantage of it.

Other Felony Convictions

With other types of felony convictions, you will still follow a similar course of action. The number one priority is to be open and honest about your situation. Nearly every treatment facility is going to do a background check on you before you will be permitted to enroll in their program.

There is no sense in making the problem worse by lying. Once you\’ve spoken to an attorney, if you have one as part of your charges, they can help direct you to facilities that will accept you regardless of your criminal history.

Be mindful, that crimes related to violence will make your task of finding an acceptable treatment facility more difficult. However, it isn\’t a dead-end road. Be vigilant and ask for help. There are treatment centers that accept anyone, regardless of their criminal history.

If you\’re serious about getting help for a drug or alcohol problem, there are treatment centers that will accept you. The key thing to remember is honesty. Your personal information and circumstances are secure and will remain private.

However, if you do not disclose your full criminal history, you may be asked to leave the facility. The important thing to remember is that you must make that first call to get help. Help to escape from the web of addiction is available; all you have to do is ask. Call us today at 833-846-5669.

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