Will a Sober Living or Halfway House Reduce Chances of Relapse After Rehab?

A sober living home or halfway house works to promote recovery in various ways. One of the key benefits of living in a halfway house is the social support derived from living with others that are experiencing recovery as well. For most individuals, a sober living home will provide the support and structure required for overcoming the risk of relapse. These sober living homes allow individuals to develop the necessary strategies and practical skills needed to succeed when they go on to living on their own. By being around others in a sober living home, you’ll have a support system that will keep you encouraged to keep pursuing sobriety. As feelings of isolation are often recognized as a trigger for relapse, the relationships that are built in a halfway house make all the difference.

Who Benefits from a Halfway House?

While the initial stages of sobriety are incredibly challenging, getting sober is not as difficult as staying sober. This is why halfway houses and sober living homes exist. Many people find that their addiction was fueled by their living situation and the environment they were in. Individuals in this situation will benefit from a halfway house the most. The following things can trigger a relapse and should be considered when deciding whether or not to go to a sober living home:

  • You live with unsupportive people.
  • Your home environment is filled with verbal or physical abuse.
  • Someone living in your home is using drugs or consuming alcohol.
  • The cravings to use drugs or drink are strong.

By moving to a halfway house, you’ll find yourself in a supportive environment that will hold you accountable and check in on you. Staying sober requires a home environment that is completely devoid of alcohol or drugs. This is why a sober living home plays such a significant role in reducing the chance of relapsing. In sober living homes, there are typically regular drugs tests to assess residents’ sobriety. This serves as further encouragement to get better and stay sober. While sobriety is difficult, living in a halfway house will greatly improve your chances of staying clean. Ready to learn more about halfway houses reducing the chances of relapsing? We can help. Call now 833-846-5669; our counselors are available 24 hours a day.