Will a Sober Living House in Delray Help Me Find a Job?

Will a sober living house in Delray help me find a job? Yes! One of the best features of a sober living house is that they are set up to help their clients find a job once they get clean from drugs or abstinent from alcohol. We could help you find a new job that gains experience and gives you a way to make a living.

What is Sober Living?

If you are close to finishing a treatment program, a sober living house might be the right choice for your next step in living a sober life. When you live in a sober living house, you can work on your education, learn employment skills, and get a job. You may develop relationship skills with your family while living in a home-like setting. You get responsibilities that ready you for living in the general public again, such as being assigned chores around the house. While residing in a sober living house, you must commit to staying sober. You can practice and develop good habits that help you live life without drugs. You create a support system for an improved lifestyle and work on dealing with the triggers that try to tempt you back into the drug life.

Describing Sober Living

Each sober living program appears a bit different from the next program. Ask lots of questions about the routine and tour the facility before you decide. You can get a good feel for the program by asking lots of questions. Four differing categories of sober living environments include:

• Peer-directed sober living. The people living in the household each other responsible and accountable for various aspects of living in the house.
• Monitored sober living. A housing manager or experienced resident runs single-family apartments or homes
• Supervised. Supervised sober living homes include a licensed staff and an organizational hierarchy with administrative oversight.
• Integrated sober living. In these houses, an institutional environment occurs with transitional services provided for those completing their rehab treatment.

People who reside in a sober living setting are much more likely to stay clean and sober after treatment. Sober living houses and continued group therapy work well together to keep you or a loved one on the right track after rehab’s completion.

We can help you find the right sober living situation for you or a loved one. Give us a call today at 833-846-5669 for more information.