Who Will You Meet in a Delray Sober Living Environment?

When you leave the treatment facility and move into a Delray sober living environment, you’ll be saying goodbye to the friends you made in recovery. While this is a good thing, signifying that you’re ready for the next part of your life, it can leave you with bittersweet feelings. It can also leave you feeling unnerved at the prospect of getting to know a whole new group of people. It’s never easy to throw yourself into a new situation, but it may help to know that the other residents will be just like you.

Technically, anyone willing to live a clean and sober lifestyle may be permitted to live in a Delray sober living home, but many places do place requirements on potential residents. In many cases, residents must also have completed some type of treatment program for substance abuse. These types of rules are established to ensure everyone is in a similar situation, so every resident will be dedicated to clean living. All of the residents in your sober living home should be devoted to rebuilding their lives based upon the principles they learned in treatment. This helps create a supportive environment similar to that which you experienced in the treatment facility.

Sober Living Helps Recovering Addicts Reintegrate into Society

Even if you were only in a Delray rehab for 28 days, that can seem like a long time. During your stay in the treatment center, you were forced to adapt to strict rules and supervision, but you may now miss that sense of structure. This is one benefit of moving into a sober living home. While the rules aren’t quite as strict, they are enforced by staff members who live in the home. This offers you some of that structure while helping you to adapt to your freedom as a recovering addict.

As you begin rebuilding your life, you’ll also start meeting others within your community. This can be a tricky situation because you don’t want to fall in with the wrong crowd. However, if you use good judgment, the time you spend in a sober living home can also help you meet new friends in the area. If you’re ready to start your recovery, contact one of our counselors. When you call 833-846-5669, you can learn more about the Delray treatment services we offer. We can provide the professional help you need to overcome the challenges of your addiction.