Why is Florida the best place to go for drug rehab?

For a long time, Florida, specifically South Florida, has been considered one of the best addiction treatment destinations. In fact, many people within the international addiction treatment community often refer to South Florida as the “rehab capital of the world.” That’s is quite an honor considering just how many drug and alcohol rehabs there are located all over the world. In case you are wondering, yes, Florida is still very much considered the top addiction treatment destination in the world. If you don’t live in the Florida area, you might not think you could attend a rehab like ours in Florida. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that most of the top rehab facilities in the South Florida area are more than happy to accept clients from other states. As long as there is bed space available, many of these rehabs will openly market to addiction sufferers in other states. Why would you want to travel for treatment if you have rehabs closer to your community? A lot of addiction treatment experts will tell you that it’s actually a better option to get out of town for treatment, especially if South Florida is a possible destination.

For your benefit, here are some of the reasons why traveling for treatment makes sense:

  • Completely removes you from the negative forces within your community
  • Offers you more privacy and anonymity
  • Helps you avoid the dealers and familiar drug users from your life
  • Gives you an opportunity to experience new things and cultures
  • Offers you a chance to get help from some of the top addiction professionals in the addiction treatment community

The choice is yours. However, you might be better off leaving home for treatment if you can afford it. If you have healthcare insurance, traveling costs would be your biggest concern. Absent that, what’s not appealing about getting the best help possible in South Florida?

Why is Florida the best place to go for drug rehab?

At this point, you might be wondering why Florida has such a lofty reputation as the go-to destination for rehab. That’s a reasonable question given the fact you would have to travel for treatment. You will find that South Florida rehabs have collectively earned the title as the rehab capital of the world. For beginners, can you think of any place that has better year-round weather conditions? Also, so many of South Florida’s top rehab facilities are located near oceans, rivers, and lakes. This gives certain rehabs a lot more to offer clients in terms of amenities and recreational activities.

Of course, there are more pragmatic reasons why Florida is the best place to go for treatment. First of all, many of the most talented and innovative addiction treatment professionals are working in South Florida rehabs. They are there because it gives them the opportunity to distinguish themselves among their peers. Because so many top addiction treatment professionals are located within such a small area, there is a lot of treatment innovation taking place in Florida rehabs. This is cutting-edge stuff that is intended to serve as the addiction treatment options of tomorrow. Finally, many of South Florida’s top rehab facilities have success rates that exceed the average of about 55% to 60%.

That’s the percentage of people who get treatment one time, the first time, and never relapse. In terms of what is best for you, you would have to think getting the best treatment you can afford would be your number one priority. With your overall well-being at stake, doesn’t it make sense that you should want to get the best help possible? Of course, it makes sense. The question is would you be willing to travel to Florida to get help? If you already live in Florida or the South Florida region, you already have access to some of the best drug rehabs in the U.S. if not the world. We are very proud to be located in the rehab capital of the world. In fact, we take great pride in the fact we are part of what makes Florida the best place to go for rehab. If and when you are ready for treatment, we hope you will give us an opportunity to help you.

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