Why do I feel stuck in my recovery process?

Deciding to get help to break free from addiction is empowering. It feels like you are taking steps to control your life instead of having it controlled by drugs and alcohol.

Understandably, when a person is on the cusp of beginning the rehab process, they are optimistic and excited. They know there is a positive journey ahead.

That excitement only grows after a person completes the treatment program. Walking out of the recovery center, they feel ready to take on any challenge life throws at them. They are determined not to relapse and have likely created a relapse prevention plan.

However, that feeling of confidence and assuredness can start to wane. A person can get to the point where they feel unmotivated, lack the desire to move forward, and are stuck. But why does this happen?

Accepting the Highs and Lows of Recovery

It is normal for people to experience highs and lows in life. This is especially true when discussing something that involves complex mental, emotional, and physical processes, like recovery.

You should expect that sometimes your motivation levels will be sky-high. Other times, your motivation levels will drop. You will even have days where you feel completely unmotivated to do anything to aid in your recovery.

This does not mean that the recovery process has failed. It is part of the process. What you need to learn is how not to feel defeated or how not to get disheartened when these setbacks happen.

It is good to see these brief moments where you feel unmotivated as an opportunity for you to do a self-examination. Try to identify the internal reasons why you feel stuck.

Self-examination will typically reveal that you are depressed, anxious, or worried about something. It could be that you are so concerned about recovery and your stress is so high that you might relapse, inhibiting your progress.

For many people, the common response to anxiety is to stop. When people feel overloaded with fear, their bodies respond by physically turning off. Fatigue makes it almost impossible to keep up with the regular schedules and routines. It is not just physical exhaustion, but it is mental and emotional.

Your friends and family members may notice your lack of enthusiasm for the recovery process. And you may lack the words to express why you feel like you do. But you do know that you feel completely stuck and lack the drive to function normally, much less take on the challenge of continued recovery.

The Role Others Play in You Feeling Stuck

Sometimes, it is all-consuming anxiety that makes us feel that we are stuck in the rehabilitation process. Other times, you might feel stuck because the people around you don’t understand what you’re going through.

It can rob you of your motivation when the very friends and family members who encouraged you to go into rehab are now the ones encouraging you to just have one drink now that you have finished treatment. Since they don’t understand addiction, they may downplay the illness or feel that you should be cured because you went through treatment.

When this happens, it’s understandable that you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Constantly trying to defend yourself can be paralyzing.

What is worse is if you relapse because of pressure from others and are now experiencing the shame and disappointment connected to relapsing. You can feel like all your efforts have been in vain. It can leave you full of regret. It can leave you feeling like you have let down your loved ones.

Get Help and Get Motivated Again

It can seem impossible to push yourself to keep going when feeling unmotivated. Sometimes, you need to be able to turn to a group of people who understand what you are going through, support your efforts, understand your relapses, and can give you the affirmation and the validation that you need to keep going.

Do you feel stuck in your rehab process? Would you benefit from ongoing encouragement from experienced individuals who have a vested interest in your success? If so, we can help. Our counselors are available all day, every day, all year long. Call us today at 833-846-5669.