What Payment Options Can You Get for Substance Abuse Treatment?

By the time you decide to stop using drugs and seek help, you will have likely gone through a lot of trials and tribulations. What you want and need now is a smooth transition to sobriety through addiction treatment.

Your first focus will need to be on where to get treatment. Remember, this is your future wellbeing that’s at risk. You want to secure the best care you can for the best chance at a lasting recovery.

It’s reasonable to expect that paying for rehab is going to be a primary concern. That’s a fair concern given the likelihood you are having financial difficulties due to your addiction.

Where we want to start regarding the payment of treatment costs is insurance. If you have healthcare insurance as an individual or through your employer, insurance will cover a good portion of your addiction treatment costs with the amount of coverage depending on your policy guidelines.

Until 2009, insurance companies were not required to cover addiction treatment under the guise it was an elective process. All of that changed in 2009 when then-President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) into law. The new law has done two things to help addiction sufferers.

First, it eliminated the ability of insurance companies to deny healthcare coverage based on customer preexisting condition rules. That was a big win for addiction sufferers because insurance companies would have most likely moved to state addiction has to be a preexisting condition.

The other thing the law did for addiction sufferers was to dictate insurance companies would have to cover addiction treatment costs the same way they would the costs related to any other medical conditions.

As a word of caution, the new law did not dictate the percentages of addiction treatment costs the insurance companies have to provide. It depends on each individual’s base policy as it relates to copays and deductibles. There are also some costs the insurance companies don’t have to cover like the costs related to high residential treatment facilities and extraordinary therapy options.

What Payment Options Can You Get for Substance Abuse Treatment?

If for any reason you don’t have healthcare insurance, you would have to arrange for other payment options. What you will soon realize is the cost of addiction treatment can get a little high, which makes affordability a likely issue when you are looking for the right rehab.

The best advice we can offer if paying for rehab is an issue is to consider the following payment options:<ul>
<li>Pull money from your savings, including your 401K or IRA

  • Pull money from your savings, including your 401K or IRA
  • Credit Cards or personal loans
  • Grants and scholarships
  • In-house rehab facility financing

Hopefully, you have been putting a little money aside for an emergency or rainy day. This is your health and personal welfare that’s at risk. If you have to deplete your savings to pay for treatment, you can replace your savings over time. You cannot replace your health or life. By the way: 401K and IRA plans do allow for emergency withdrawals as loans to oneself with interest paid to oneself.

Taking on debt at a bad time in life is never ideal. However, it is a resource that you can payback (plus interest) over time. You just need to be wary of credit cards with high-interest rates.

The addiction treatment community tends to be a tight-knit group of people who try to help one another. Under the right set of circumstances, you might be able to qualify for a grant or scholarship. Your rehab facility of choice might have information regarding these payment options.

As a last resort, you can always ask if your rehab facility of choice would be willing to finance your treatment costs. It’s a bit of a longshot, but some facilities are willing to offer this option under certain circumstances.

We implore you to not let money be the reason you say no to getting treatment. The only real chance you have of surviving your addiction is getting the treatment you need. If you will call one of our representatives at 833-846-5669, we would be happy to work with you on coming up with a solution to your payment issues.