Is Drug Rehab Only for Addicts or Can Alcoholics Go Too?

Drug treatment has helped many individuals break the chains of addiction, so they are able to rebuild their lives in sobriety. Over the years, treatment centers have developed effective, evidence-based therapies that help people maintain their recovery in everyday life. Individuals who are dealing with problems of alcohol abuse may be wondering if drug treatment centers are able to effectively help them, as well. Here’s a closer look at substance abuse treatment programs and how they can help many different types of dependence problems.

Understanding Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the harmful or dangerous use of substances that alter the consciousness of individuals. These substances may include drugs like heroine, cocaine, opioid medications, methamphetamine, alcohol and prescription drugs. Repeated use of the substances cause changes in the body, the brain and in behavior. As a result, the individual experiences problems with health, with poor judgment and thinking, difficulties with relationships, legal problems, job loss and financial instability. Overdose and death are common. Dependence is destructive to the individual, their families and all those around them. The type of substance abused does not alter the patterns of dependence and addiction. These principles apply regardless of your drug of choice, which is why treatment centers can offer both drug and alcohol abuse programs that offer effective help for individuals. Although some people may remain high functioning during their dependence, the devastating effects will eventually occur. Denial is a common occurrence among those with substance abuse problems.

Ways Alcoholism Is Similar To Drug Abuse

Alcoholism is much the same as any other substance problem because the effects are similarly damaging. Individuals may develop health problems, such as cirrhosis of the liver, stomach problems and cognitive impairment. They may experience difficulty in their relationships because of their drinking. Legal problems may arise from driving under the influence or aggressive behavior against others. They may lose their jobs because of their alcohol consumption. Financial instability may be a problem, leading to other family problems. The individual may “spiral” into constant alcohol use and may even experience alcohol poisoning, much like a drug abuser overdoses. Treatment therapies help the individual to understand the causes of alcohol use. During treatment they can learn to deal with stress and other problems with more effective tools.

Ways Alcoholism Is Different Than Drug Abuse

In some ways, alcohol dependence manifests differently than drug abuse. Alcohol use is socially accepted and is a part of many family, business and social interactions. Individuals may be able to “hide” their problem more easily, or may not even believe they have a serious problem with alcohol. This aspect can make recovery from alcoholism more difficult. During therapy, individuals must learn to understand and recognize their “triggers” for use, even while the drinking goes on all around them. They must learn to decline graciously, overcome feelings of embarrassment at being different and deeply commit to maintaining their sobriety in a world where alcohol is always available. The skills and understanding they learn in treatment can be highly effective in preparing individuals to rebuild their lives after alcohol dependence.

Treatment Can Help All Type of Substance Dependence

Your treatment counselor will begin by asking about your choice of substance, how often you use it and a number of aspects of your behavior. In some cases, an underlying, undiagnosed mental health problem may be contributing to the abuse problem. If this is suspected, the counselor may order a psychiatric evaluation and treatment plan, which will help to support their recovery. Other cases may have family problems that contribute to substance use. Family therapy can often be helpful in these circumstances. Treatment programs may include a number of therapies, such as individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and other modalities.

Substance abuse treatment is designed to get to the heart of underlying issues that often contribute to drug abuse and alcoholism. A significant amount of research and experimentation has gone into the programs. Therapies are chosen to suit the individual needs of each person, so they can work on the factors that have affected their lives and their substance abuse patterns. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug use or alcoholism, call our South Florida treatment center today at 833-846-5669 to learn about the programs that can help restore your life to safety and sanity.