What Makes Intensive Outpatient Programs More Affordable Rehab?

When you decide to get sober and to recover from your addiction, you have a few possibilities to explore. One of those options is an intensive outpatient program. When you are looking at the costs of this program, especially in contrast to an inpatient program, you may notice that the costs are lower. The reasons for this difference are varied and included the following:

  • No dorm/housing expenses
  • No meal expenses
  • More streamlined services

The most basic reason why intensive outpatient treatment is less expensive comes from the fact that you are not living at the facility. In other words, it costs more money to provide beds, bedding, and rooms and the electricity, plumbing and heating and cooling systems necessary to make those spaces comfortable than it does to provide outpatient services. Inpatient programs have to incorporate living expenses.

Living expenses are not relegated only to the larger-order issues. For example, a residential facility also needs to provide meals to the residents, and the money must come from somewhere in order to fund those meals. Basic living expenses are going to make inpatient treatment more expensive than outpatient treatment.

More Streamlined Recovery Services

If you are in an inpatient facility, you have the opportunity to explore a number of services that can be of assistance to you. For example, during the day, you might have the option to participate in one of several different programs that are going on at the same time. While this prospect offers you variety, the facility also needs to hire a staff member to conduct each of those sessions and provide the necessary materials and resources for doing so. In the event that you are enrolled in an intensive outpatient program, you will have services that are directed at your needs. It is not as though you will pick which room to go to on a floor of different options. Instead, you will attend treatment sessions that are designed specifically for your recovery goals, needs and struggles. Multiple staff members and supplies are not necessarily needed.

You do need to consider the costs of treatment, especially when your insurance is not paying for the entire course of recovery. Fortunately, you can speak with a representative about financial concerns and others. Just give 833-846-5669 a call at any time to get started on this journey and to discover your options.