What Is the Intake Process Like at a Recovery Center for Alcoholism?

Rehab intake is the process that takes place when the patient arrives at the treatment center. This process will vary based upon the treatment center, of course, but typically all intakes consist of some of the same types of things. Generally, paperwork is completed. This may include insurance information, financial forms, as well as any court-mandated paperwork for those who have been court ordered to partake in rehab.

An inspection is then done to ensure the patient has not brought in any items that could be considered “bad.” These items may include anything that would cause the patient to relapses, such as medication, illegal substances, or alcohol. Staff will also ensure the incoming patient does not possess any items that could cause harm to the patient themselves, any other patient, or any staff member.

During the intake process is also a good time for the incoming patient to ask questions. This gives the patient a chance to understand what is to be expected of them during their stay at the recovery center. It also gives them the opportunity to open up a little behind the safety of staff who won’t judge them for any choices they may have previously made, resulting in the need for rehab. This, in turn, allows for a connection of trust to be built between staff and patients.

Most rehab facilities will give the incoming patient a questionnaire to fill out during their initial intake interview. This questionnaire usually consists of questions that may be as follows:

  • the patient’s name, birthdate, address
  • medical history
  • substance abuse history
  • treatment goals
  • physical/mental health
  • family history

This question here along with the health screening will help guide the facility staff on what each patient may individually need to focus on while at rehab. Rehab can often be a difficult choice to make, but in many cases, it can be a decision that saves a life. If you or someone you know and love is in need of help, reach out. Contact us at 833-846-5669. We can help you get the help you need.