How Do You Enroll in an Intensive Outpatient Program?

You’ve heard that inpatient rehab is the best way to go when getting clean and sober from drugs or alcohol. But you can’t leave your family or job for an extensive amount of time. Can you still go to rehab but on an outpatient basis? Yes, you can. Many rehab centers offer an intensive treatment plan for individuals that need to go for help but can’t live on site.

How does an intensive outpatient rehab work? Outpatient treatment allows a person to still participate in their life at home and work. An intensive outpatient treatment program gets used as a follow-up to detox as a significant part of a person’s treatment care. It can also be a portion of an aftercare plan for someone who completes an inpatient rehab program.

What happens during intensive outpatient treatment?

The primary difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment is that you don’t need to be away from home, school, or work while you attend these programs. Some of the types of services you might receive in an intensive outpatient treatment program include:

• Group counseling. Group counseling uses intense group sessions to encourage sober behaviors, improve communication skills, and provide guidance from one person in recovery to another. Other practical subjects might also be covered in group therapy sessions.
• Family therapy. Family therapy provides education and coping skills for both the person in treatment and their family members. It also helps mend broken relationships.
• Individual therapy. Individual treatment isn’t the focus of intensive outpatient therapy, but it gets used to educate and correct maladaptive behaviors.
• Medication management. Appropriate medication helps many people decrease cravings, increase their mental health levels, and block the effects of some substances.
• Matrix model. The therapist works as a coach and teacher to improve and empower the recovering addict and help them learn how to stay off stimulants.

If you decide to participate in an intensive outpatient treatment rehab, you need to expect to attend programs three to five times per week. You’ll spend about nine hours per week on rehab-related activities. Intensive outpatient programs last for varying amounts of time. The intensive outpatient treatment program lasts about three to four months. Maintenance lasts for several months beyond this intensive treatment phase.

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