What Is Rehab Like?

Rehab is a process that takes place over weeks or months. It is designed to help the addict break free from their addiction and give them a new life and set of values. Though it can be painful in the beginning, being in rehab will enable you to tackle your addiction with clarity and knowledge. These are some of the activities that go on in a rehab facility.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the first step in rehab. The individual therapist meets with the patient one-on-one to assess their situation and determine their needs. The therapist listens to the patient for their needs and helps clarify whether or not the patient needs to be in rehab in the first place. The therapist will also make sure that the addict will follow through with treatment so that they can get the full benefit out of it. The patient also has the right to tell the therapist what they want to change or where they want to go. The therapist is there to help guide the patient and help them figure out what they need.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is identical to individual therapy, except this time it’s done with other patients who have gone through similar things that each patient has experienced. The group session can help patients learn from others and feel more comfortable. It is often used to talk more openly about what they have been through and how they are feeling in order to help them get through the tough times together. You can’t get through it alone.

Medication Therapy

Medication therapy is where a patient takes prescribed medications to help them stop using drugs and make sure they stay off of them. A patient is closely monitored and guided by the physician during this time. Sometimes, a person will take more than one medication to ensure they get the full benefits they need. The medical staff will also ensure that each patient doesn’t do anything that can hurt their chances of overcoming the addiction.


Working out is a great way to keep stress and anxiety at bay, so rehab counselors help patients learn to work out without using drugs and stay committed to a routine. It not only helps them feel better but also helps prevent any serious health problems that could occur due to being sedentary. Keeping active also helps the patient’s mind stay calm and focused. Many rehabs are equipped with a fully functional gym to suit each patient’s needs.

Family Therapy

It is a form of therapy that helps the patient better understand their relationship with their family members. They will learn how to communicate better with family members and how their addiction has affected their relationships. It is also used to help the patient feel more comfortable around others and give them positive support. Patients need to build relationships with other people and ensure they aren’t alone.

Aftercare Program

The aftercare program is a part of rehab and is extremely important. After leaving rehab, patients need guidance. They may have issues that they were unaware of while using drugs throughout their lives. They need someone to keep them accountable for their actions and keep them on the right track. The aftercare program is there for these issues, and more so the patient can continue living a drug-free life.

Patients will learn how to deal with their triggers and anything that may interfere with their recovery. They will be offered information and support to help them live a drug-free life. In conclusion, rehab is a process. It’s a way to help addicts get over their dependency on drugs. It’s not easy, but the support offered in these facilities helps addicts overcome addiction. The staff ensures that an addict is supported in their recovery process and is held accountable for their actions. They listen to each patient, encourage them, and do what they can to help them be free of their addiction. To get help enrolling in a rehab center, call 833-846-5669.