What Happens In A Residential Drug Treatment Program?

Residential drug treatment programs are a short-term, residential treatment option to help an addict reduce their drug and alcohol dependency. A residential drug treatment center is a highly structured environment where addicts feel safe as they recover and try to reintegrate into society. After years of drug abuse, it is often difficult for people attempting recovery to maintain sobriety. That is why residential programs help provide stability during treatment plus follow-up support after discharge. These are some of the programs offered in a residential drug treatment center.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions provide a space for substance abusers to discuss their experiences with drugs, alcohol, and other behaviors related to drug abuse. Group sessions help people explore these feelings and emotions, often associated with drug and alcohol dependency. Learning from peers during group therapy sessions also helps understand the underlying issues related to drug abuse.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy allows substance abusers to express themselves freely in a safe space. Individuals can work through their drug and alcohol addiction issues and discuss the possible effects of substance abuse on their lives. By taking advantage of tools like medication and counseling, individuals will be able to discuss any fears or concerns they may have when dealing with substance abuse. Talking to professional therapists trained to handle individuals with addiction issues helps people recover from drug and alcohol dependency faster.

Family Therapy

Family members have a unique relationship with an addicted family member. Substance abuse often leads to strained relationships with family members and friends because it changes people\’s behaviors. Family therapy helps family members understand each other better, learn to communicate more effectively and work toward rebuilding their bond.

Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies are alternative treatments that allow the mind and body to heal naturally through natural means. These types of programs include yoga and meditation classes. By participating in holistic therapies, substance abusers will have a way to cope with stressors that may have triggered their use of drugs or alcohol in the first place. Clearing the mind helps patients gain a sense of clarity and peace, which will help them deal with other problems they may have.

Food, Nutrition, And Diet

Nutrition is also an important part of substance abuse recovery in residential drug treatment. Eating a healthy diet is important for your body as it fuels you physically while also ensuring the mind stays clear of addictive substances. A nutritious diet can help detoxify the body by eliminating toxins stored in the liver, kidneys, and brain cells. While in recovery, it\’s important to eat a balanced diet to help with the healing process, keep up energy levels and ensure people have a positive attitude towards recovery.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities are an important part of everyday life and can also be used as a method of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Activities like art classes, games, or playing sports can help distract your mind from constant thinking about drugs or alcohol, therefore taking the focus off these behaviors. Most residential treatment centers have an outdoor recreational area or facilities, like gyms and swimming pools, to help people stay fit during recovery.

Medical Care

Patients need medical care during the first few weeks of treatment to avoid risking serious health issues. Residential drug treatment centers offer the necessary medical care throughout detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare, for people suffering from drug and alcohol use. Patients are watched closely during the detoxification period to ensure they are not at risk of suffering withdrawal symptoms. After the initial phase, patients have professional medical staff for further support during their treatment and recovery. In conclusion, residential drug treatment programs offer many valuable services for people trying to recover and reclaim their lives from substance abuse.

The structure of these programs helps people stay focused on their recovery and have the opportunity to reintegrate into society. While residential treatment centers do follow a care program, it is also important that people in recovery take advantage of their resources while they are there. To better understand the programs offered in a residential drug treatment center, call 833-846-5669.

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