What Are the Typical Rules When Living in a Halfway House?

Halfways houses also called “sober living homes” or “transitional living,” provide a safe and structured environment for people in rehab and early recovery. Some people may not have a permanent residence when they check-in to rehab, and a halfway house can provide them with shelter and a positive environment while they continue treatment, apply for jobs and work to develop independence.

Other people may enter halfway houses after rehab to continue outpatient therapy and further develop the skills they were introduced to during their addiction treatment program. Halfways houses have rules that help people get used to following a routine and living by a schedule; structure, self-discipline, and healthy communication skills are all focal points of sober living.

Examples of Rules in Halfway House

People in halfway houses are free to come and go as they please, but they will most likely have a curfew. Being home by a certain time every night deters people from going out and being in triggering environments.

There are also typically chore lists and house rules about cleanliness, noise, and interaction. Most halfway houses have rules that keep people focused on their recovery and carry consequences that help them understand the importance of sticking to their commitments.

A few examples of typical halfway house rules include:

  • You must stay sober.
  • No must respect other residents and resolve disagreements in a respectful manner.
  • No stealing or taking other residents’ property without permission.
  • You must attend your 12-step program or other recovery programs.
  • You must be actively applying for jobs or showing up to work on time if you already have one.

What to Expect at a Halfway House

Most rehabs will require everyone in a halfway house to have completed medical detox and a 30 to 90-day inpatient or outpatient program. In some cases, people who are currently going through their initial addiction treatment but do not have anywhere to stay may live in a sober living home as well.

You do not always have to pay for a halfway house right away; the actual price of rent per month will vary. Most rehabs strive for affordable housing to all patients, ranging anywhere between $100 to $500 a month. Famous or luxury rehabs will cost much more, sometimes as much as rent on an apartment (over $2,000 a month).

Sober Living Starts Here

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