What Are The Signs Of Alcoholic Behavior?

Alcohol consumption affects the behavior of body cells. It can affect the brain cells, which can cause people to act differently than they usually do. There are many more signs, but these are some of the most common ones one might see. The good news is that if someone drinks too much, they may only act this way for a short time because the alcohol wears off after a few hours, and they are back to their normal self. These are some of the signs of alcoholic behavior.

Very Friendly

Alcoholic behavior can cause the person to be more social when they usually are not. The alcohol in their body will make them feel comfortable enough to talk to people they wouldn’t talk to when sober. They also tend to be more talkative and a lot happier.

Drunken Stupor

If the person is drunk and doesn’t know what they are doing, it is a sign of alcohol abuse. A person who has been drinking will often lose coordination and the ability to make good decisions. They cannot walk straight, which causes them to fall a lot when they walk. Alcohol impairs judgment, making it seem like someone is drunker than they really are.


The agitation may cause mood swings that were not there see before. They may become happy, sad, and even angry at times due to the alcohol in their body. The agitation can cause stress that they did not have previous to this time. The alcohol in their system causes them to act in ways they would not normally act.


Alcohol can cause delusions that may last a few hours. One may feel overconfident and think they can do the impossible, such as flying and jumping off buildings. Sometimes the alcohol in their system can make them think that they are other people, such as famous singers or actors. They may also act delusional in ways that may seem strange to others.


The violence can show up in an argument with their friends, family members, or loved ones for a few days. They may also act violently toward another person if an argument has started when they have been drinking alcohol. A drunk person doesn’t think rationally and could end up causing physical harm to someone or themselves. The alcohol in their system often causes them to be more violent towards others.

Aggressive Attitude

The aggressive attitude can also signify alcoholic behavior when a person is more confrontational than normal. They may also try to start arguments with people who are just minding their own business and doing nothing wrong. The smallest thing can set them off, which may lead to fighting or other types of aggression due to the alcohol in their system.

Mood Swings

Mood swings may cause the person to be very happy or sad. Alcohol can affect their moods and make them act this way. They may become irritable while intoxicated, which is a sign of alcoholic behavior. The mood swings can also cause them to cry more frequently than normal, which causes them to be sad and even depressed. They may be happy one minute and sad the next.

Slurred Speech

The slurred speech or the inability to speak clearly can signify that someone is suffering from alcoholic behavior. A person may not fully form their words when they talk, and it will sound like they are drunk when in reality, they are not, just intoxicated with alcohol. The slurred speech can also cause them to make incoherent sentences when speaking, making them seem confused due to the alcohol in their system.

Memory Loss

The memory loss that someone may suffer from alcoholic behavior can cause them to forget important things. For example, they could forget where they live, who their loved ones are, and more. The memory loss may affect them to the point where they do not know what happened the night before when they were drinking. Witnesses may tell them what they did while intoxicated but don’t know themselves because of the memory loss associated with alcoholic behavior. In conclusion, alcoholic behavior can be a very dangerous thing in that it can cause someone to behave in ways they normally would not.

It will often make them seem like they are drunk when they are not, which causes others to think that they need help with alcohol poisoning or alcohol dependence. They can also cause the person to act violently and aggressively towards others, which is cause for concern. If one notices these signs of alcoholic behavior in someone they care about, they should find out if there are any substance abuse issues within their lives. Call 833-846-5669 to schedule an appointment with us. We are here to help.