How Long Will I Have to Stay in Recovery?

Taking the brave step towards addiction recovery is a monumental part of your journey to sobriety. This decision alone puts you so much closer to the life that you have been desiring for far too long. Soon enough, alcohol and substance abuse will be a distant memory, one that you will never have to relive again.

Now, before you pack your bags, you have to decide on how long you will be gone. Recovery centers design their program lengths to fit various circumstances, and it is up to you to choose the one that makes the most sense for both you and your addiction.

How Long Will I Need to Stay in Rehab?

If you are like most addicts, you are probably eager to be done with the program so that you can finally enjoy sober living and all of its glory. With this in mind, the shortest option might seem to be the obvious choice. However, committing to the bare minimum can be the very thing that sabotages your results. But, on the other hand, a month-long program might be the perfect amount of time to help you break free from your bad habit.

As it turns out, recovery looks different for everyone. Your addiction is unique, and the amount of time needed for you to make a clean transition will all boil down to your individual needs and the severity of your condition.

How Do I Know Which Length is Best for Me?

Generally, you can expect a recovery center to offer three main programs: a 30-day program, a 60-day program, and a 90-day program. The 30-day program has the obvious advantage of being the shortest program. During your stay, you will have time to detox, work through withdrawal symptoms with the help of medical staff, and learn of any underlying medical issues and relapse strategies to help you during your time of need. With so much to get through in only a month’s time, you should only go this route if you have a mild addiction and have no concerns about relapse.

A 60-day program is very similar to the 30-day one. With 60 days, though, you would be giving your mind and body more time to adjust to a sober state as you attend regular counseling sessions that have been carefully designed to help you gear up for the path ahead. There will also be more opportunities for you to unpack the psychological cause of your addiction and heal any trauma that might have contributed.

90-day programs come highly recommended and have the most impressive success rates because most addicts require about three months to make a clean transition. Going a full 90 days without drugs or alcohol not only allows your body to refine itself, but it also gives you plenty of time to pick up healthy new lifestyle habits and develop timeless strategies to help you to steer clear from temptation in the future.

Am I Able to Stay Longer Than 90 Days?

After a 90-day stay, most people feel more than ready to leave rehab; however, this is not the case for everyone. For some people, facing the outside world can seem quite frightening, and if you find yourself in this predicament, don’t fret as this phase is quite common and will get better with time.

Most facilities have a 90-day limit on inpatient care, but while you might have to pack your bags, you don’t necessarily have to head home, especially if you don’t trust in your ability to keep up your sobriety. As you continue to adjust to your change of lifestyle, you can choose to enroll in an extended care program. A sober living home is a great extended-care option as it provides affordable drug-free housing for those transitioning from a recovery center to the outside world. Facilitators will ensure that you stay on a straight path by providing a wide range of support and giving you the tools you need to rebuild your life without alcohol and substance abuse.

If you are ready to go home despite having a fear of relapse, outpatient care is another viable solution to gain ongoing support. Outpatient care allows patients to come in for treatment, and after they are done for the day, they are free to go home.

Deciding how long to seek treatment can be a challenging task, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Allow us to help you make the right decision. Give us a call today, and consult with one of our helpful addiction specialists to further discuss your options. We can help, call now 833-846-5669.