What Are Some Factors That Determine Whether or Not Someone Should Go Through an Inpatient Rehab Program?

When you have a serious addiction to alcohol or drugs, it can take time before you realize your life is in danger. Your loved ones might urge you to get help, but you brush them off. Or maybe they even stage an intervention hoping you’ll finally open your eyes to reality and realize you have substance use disorder. At some point, you can no longer deny the truth, not even to yourself. Once you realize you’ve been struggling with crippling addiction, you can seek help. One of your options is inpatient rehab treatment. If you’ve been unsure whether this is the right avenue for you to take, there are certain factors that indicate that inpatient is your best option.

You Can’t Remain Sober for Too Long

Although it’s normal for individuals with substance use disorder to relapse after they have gone through rehab treatment, it shouldn’t be a constant thing. A relapse often occurs after a certain period of time has passed when you have been successfully sober but something triggering has occurred. Usually, this is a bad fight with a loved one, trouble at work or the death of someone close to you. However, if you have attended a certain type of treatment program and quickly fell off the wagon even during your rehab, it shows that what you’re doing isn’t working. It’s a glaring sign that you might need something more intensive than a standard 12-step program: inpatient rehab treatment.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment Proved Unsuccessful

While outpatient rehab treatment is often a great option for many people to overcome their substance use disorder to drugs or alcohol, it’s not necessarily for everyone. Because everyone is different and has their own unique journey toward recovery, outpatient treatment may not be enough for all who have a drug or alcohol addiction. Sometimes, people choose outpatient rehab with good intentions but for the wrong reasons. They might be scared to enter an inpatient facility because they don’t want to leave the familiar settings of their own homes or may even still cling to a shred of denial that they have that serious a problem. Inpatient treatment is more intensive and addresses a few aspects that outpatient does not. You have more of a chance to be successful because you live at the facility and are better able to avoid certain triggers.

You Have a Dual Diagnosis

If you have a dual diagnosis and suffer from substance use disorder as well as a co-occurring mental health disorder, inpatient rehab treatment is the best option available to you. Inpatient care allows you to have a specialized program tailored to your individual needs and take your co-occurring condition into full account. When you go through the intake stage, your entire medical history and information about your addiction are factored in so that a personalized treatment plan can be made just for you. Inpatient rehab treatment facilities normally have qualified staff in-house so that you can have all of your health needs met.

Your Addiction Is Causing Legal Problems

Substance use disorder often causes people to do things they normally wouldn’t otherwise do if they were sober. If your addiction has caused you to drive while under the influence, commit robbery or burglary to get cash to buy more drugs or engage in other criminal activity, it’s a sign that you need serious help. Inpatient rehab treatment is the answer to this problem. You might have landed in court after an arrest for DUI or theft and the judge might have ordered you into a treatment program. You have choices in which type of rehab to enter, but inpatient is probably your best bet.

Your Addiction Is Causing Further Health Problems

Inpatient rehab treatment is appropriate if your addiction to drugs or alcohol has caused you to develop additional health problems. Depending on the substance you’ve abused, it’s possible to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, seizures or even some cancers. Engaging in high-risk behaviors to get your fix can also lead to contracting diseases like HIV or hepatitis C. If you have suffered from worsening health because of your addiction, you’re a prime candidate for inpatient rehab treatment. Your addiction and medical condition will be addressed. If you’re finally ready to take that big step toward getting help, we’re here for you. Call us day or night at 833-846-5669 to get started.

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