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Sober Living Plus Ongoing Outpatient Treatment in Boynton Beach Equals Long Term Recovery

The journey to successful lifelong recovery can be a long one, and it is often subject to relapses and setbacks. The popularity of Sober Living facilities to help individuals rebuild independent lives after addiction show that continued efforts after initial detox and treatment are often necessary. Ongoing outpatient treatment offers individuals in sober living the additional support they need to achieve long-term recovery and success in rebuilding a healthy and productive life.

The Benefits of Sober Living Facilities After Treatment

Sober living facilities are residential homes that provide a unique kind of support for individuals who are recovering from substance abuse and addiction. The group setting provides social support and understanding of the problems involved in recovery. The rules of the facility ensure that residents contribute to the upkeep of the facility and comply with healthy lifestyle habits. Residents are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings or attend other types of counseling according to their individual needs. When residents have difficulty staying sober or fall into relapse, the group can encourage them to re-double their recovery efforts. In some cases, individuals may need additional treatment to maintain sobriety.

Managing the Cravings That Occur After Treatment

One of the most serious problems that undermine recovery efforts in Sober Living is the recurrence of severe cravings that often arise as a result of stress from rebuilding a normal life and contact with “triggers” that are associated with previous substance use. We can help to identify these triggers and teach individuals to recognize the stressful situations that cause them to relapse into addiction. With continued outpatient therapy, individuals in recovery have the tools needed to ensure their ability to withstand temptation.

Ongoing Outpatient Treatment Can Help

A number of issues handled in treatment can help to ensure a higher rate of success in long-term recovery. In some cases, mental health issues can undermine efforts, and it is critical that individuals learn how to manage these conditions so they can function in normal life. We can help these individuals with proper diagnosis and treatment of any underlying mental health problem. In addition, we can also provide extended cognitive behavioral therapy to identify negative thought patterns that lead to relapse and positive reinforcement of positive behaviors that support successful recovery.

The risks of relapse can undermine all of the work that individuals have accomplished during their initial treatment period. We can provide the additional counseling and therapies that reinforce the positive thinking and behavioral change that is necessary for a successful long-term recovery from substance abuse.

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