List Of Excuses To Not Go To Drug Rehab (and How Ridiculous They Sound)

The damage caused by drug addiction – both physically and emotionally – is far-reaching, indeed. Family, friends and, of course, yourself are deeply affected by the addiction and the harm caused by it may last for years – if not for a lifetime.

Getting the help you need is imperative. But if denial and resistance are blocking your road to recovery, you’re not alone. And it’s hard to admit that your problem has got out of control and that you’re addicted.

Moreover, it can be easy to make excuses and find reasons why drug rehab is not for you. However, excuses are almost always defense mechanisms to keep you from getting the help you truly need.


Excuses: Why Drug Rehab Isn’t For Me

“I Can Quit Anytime”

A common assumption among addicts is that they have control over their problem and that they can quit just by exerting a little extra willpower. The truth is, however, that the addiction is in control and influencing many of the decisions you make. Or, you may believe that there’s nothing wrong with you; in any case, the addiction may be blocking you from seeing the truth.

“I Can’t Afford It”

There are a lot of options when it comes to paying for drug rehabilitation – including many health care plans. A knowledgeable rehab professional or social worker will help you work through the financial process.

“I Can’t Leave My Job”

If your problem is severe enough that rehabilitation is your best option, then chances are your employer already knows about your addiction. An honest conversation with your boss may save your job if it’s in jeopardy. But the bottom line is that you’ll be a better employee in the future because you’re sober.

“I’m Not Hurting Anyone”

While you might think that your addiction is only hurting you, the truth is that everyone around you is negatively impacted – emotionally, socially, even physically.

“My Problem Isn’t As Bad As Others”

Another common excuse for addicts is that others have much bigger problems with their addiction, or that they need rehabilitation far more than you do. But even if someone has a “bigger” problem, you owe it to yourself to seek treatment.

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