Is Suboxone Addictive?

Suboxone is a medication commonly prescribed to reduce withdrawal symptoms of opiate addiction. Suboxone works by mimicking the effects of opiates which works to eliminate cravings for the opiates. But many have second-guessed the use of Suboxone to treat opiate addiction as many questions if Suboxone itself is a substance that can become a source of abuse and addition.


Addictive Properties of Suboxone

Suboxone contains a compound known as buprenorphine, a drug that has been classified as a low-strength opiate. Suboxone can in some cases be addictive but the risk of addiction is relatively low. It is generally believed that the potential benefits of Suboxone greatly outweigh any negative risks that may be associated with usage of the drug.

Symptoms of Suboxone addiction are similar to symptoms of addiction to other drugs and medications

  • Drug seeking behavior. Drug consumption becomes the daily focus.
  • Dishonesty with loved ones regarding drug usage.
  • Doctor shopping or other manipulative behaviors to get prescriptions
  • Stealing drugs or money for drugs
  • Sudden and dramatic changes in lifestyle


How To Treat Suboxone addiction

Treatment for Suboxone addiction usually begins with a supervised detox from the medication. During this phase of treatment, the patient is closely monitored for any withdrawal symptoms that may be present. After, the detox phase the patient will often begin working with a counselor to address any underlying reasons for addictive behavior.

Finally, it may be suggested that the patient continues in an ongoing recovery program in order to reap the benefits of the support that can come from other recovering addicts.


How to Prevent Suboxone addiction

Adherence to a certain set of protocols may prove beneficial in preventing recovering opiate addicts from becoming addicted to Suboxone.

  • Only take medicine as directed by the physician that prescribed the medication
  • Think ahead of the curve. If cravings for Suboxone become a concern speak to someone before addiction is established.
  • Do not put too much reliance on medications for recovery. Focus energy on productive endeavors to alleviate drug cravings.

Suboxone is an effective medication that is used to help individuals that struggle with opiate addiction. Suboxone is generally considered to be safe to use in this capacity but does contain a compound that is classified as a low-level opiate. Because of this, there are occasions that individuals taking Suboxone can become addicted to the medication.

Individuals in the Boynton Beach area who suspect that they might be developing a tendency to abuse, or who feel they may be addicted to Suboxone should contact the qualified professionals at the Seacrest Recovery Center now.  Call (800) 411-8019