Is Male-Specific Addiction Treatment Different from Standard Treatment?

Men and women differ in many ways, so when it comes to treating addiction, treatment modalities may differ as well. Standard courses of addiction treatment are as individual as the user themselves.

A gender-specific treatment program caters to the specific needs of the gender. Here’s how male-specific addiction treatment is different from standard treatment.

What Benefits Come With Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

For some people, it can be awkward and uncomfortable sharing experiences with others who are of a different gender.

Gender-specific addiction treatments seek to rectify this problem. By separating men from women, and vice versa, they’ll feel more comfortable opening up about their issues.

Here are a few benefits of gender-specific addiction treatment:

  • There won’t be as many distractions
  • Eliminates the need to talk about gender-related issues
  • Patients will be more comfortable interacting with one another

Why Men Become Addicted

There are many reasons as to why men become addicted. A majority of cases usually stem from bottled-up emotions due to stereotypes. Other causes may be the result of a form of trauma such as physical or emotional, like domestic or sexual abuse. Regardless, men use drugs and alcohol as a way of coping.

How Male-Specific Addiction Treatm Differs From Standard Treatment

One of the many reasons why men turn to addiction is because they feel pressured to meet the expectations for their gender. Men are often told things at an early age such as how “men don’t cry” and they need “to be strong”. However, these stereotypes are the reason why the depression rate in men is so high.

Without a safe haven to express feelings, it can cause all sorts of mental health issues. Some of these problems include anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. Instead of seeking out help, men resort to drugs and alcohol.

Male-specific addiction treatment is for helping men break out of the shell they build around themselves. There are various programs that aim to help men get more in touch with their emotions such as anger management classes, art therapy and adventure-based counseling (ABC).

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