Is Late Teen Drug Abuse Common?

Late teen drug abuse is a very common phenomenon. Most of these teens abuse drugs to deal with their feelings and pressures, like insecurities, but drugs are not the answer. Most of them hide the addiction, blaming their parents when they get caught. These are some of the reasons why late teen drug abuse is common.

Peer Pressure

Many teens get caught up in the peer pressure of their friends. They think that taking drugs is the right thing to do, but it is not. These drugs have dangerous side effects, and it is not worth dying for. The best way out is to stop taking drugs, but you will be tempted to continue using them often with peer pressure in your head. You might also be tempted to use other addictive substances like alcohol and smoking cigarettes because teens can easily abuse them.

Academic Stress

At that age, every teen is looking to further their education and looking for colleges. Sometimes students cannot get accepted to a college because they did not perform well enough. The pressure to get good grades is too much for them, and they feel like they will not make it. They think that the only way out is to abuse drugs.


Another reason why late teen drug abuse is common is depression. Teens find it hard to concentrate on their studies, and they get easily depressed because of their bad grades. When they are depressed, they will do anything to boost their mood, including drug abuse. When depression becomes a threat, you should seek help or the help of professionals who can provide the right medication to treat this condition.


Observe that depression and anxiety go hand in hand. Anxiety is when you are worried about the future and can’t concentrate on any other task. If a user experiences an ongoing case of anxiety, they will take drugs to treat their anxiety. In a way, they use drugs to relieve anxiety.


If you are bored, you will look for a way out, and the easiest and fastest way is to abuse drugs. Boredom is the number one reason why most teens take drugs. There is nothing special about being an adult, but there are responsibilities that come with it. It is better to stay busy with schoolwork or sports than addiction to drugs.

Family Problems

Family problems are another reason why teens become drug abusers. Divorce in the family or a fight between parents can cause tension that stays for long and causes teens to look for a way out. A lot of times, these teens abuse drugs as a way out. Often, these teens get involved with late teen drug abuse to distract themselves from this situation.

Low Self-esteem

If you have low self-esteem, you feel like you are not good enough and that life is not worth living. Some teens may resort to using drugs because they do not want to live a meaningless life. Lacking self-confidence makes the user more prone to addiction.

Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders are caused by trauma from childhood events, like the death of someone close to you or an accident that leaves you traumatized. These events may cause anxiety, depression, and drug abuse.

Not Having A Good Role Model

A teen should have a role model. It is easy to become a drug user if you don’t have one. It is common among teenage drug addicts because they have no one to look up to. At that age, teens need a role model to protect them from peer pressure. It can be a parent, sister, brother, or friend.

Availability Of Drugs

If you live in an area where drugs are easily available, it will be hard to resist the temptation because drugs are so close and easy to have. Most teens get hooked on drugs at an early age, and when they fall into peer pressure, they start abusing them once they know where to get them from.

Living In A Bad Neighborhood

Teen drug abuse is common where there is poverty and little education. These are the places where teens are exposed to drug dealers who convince them to start taking drugs. In conclusion, drug abuse is common among teens because many have the above problems. No matter how common late teen drug abuse is, you should never try it out. With the many health risks involved, you may kill yourself. To help your late teen deal with drug abuse, call 833-846-5669