Do Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida Have a Waitlist?

The best way to overcome an addiction to alcohol is to undergo an addiction treatment program, but what happens when the nearest treatment center is full? Most public treatment centers in Florida operate on a first-come-first-served basis, so they can fill up and run out of room.

Unfortunately, this can be disastrous for someone in desperate need of treatment. A lot of people are reluctant to go into treatment for drugs and alcohol for a number of reasons, and being told that they have to wait to be admitted into a facility can discourage them from seeking any treatment at all. They will almost certainly be put on a waitlist so that they can be admitted later, but anything can happen in the meantime. It might even be a death sentence for some people. The sad fact is that you have no control over how many people are admitted into an alcohol treatment center. There is always a possibility that you or your loved one will be put on a waitlist, so you have to be ready if that does happen.

Ask for Recommendations

Reputable alcohol treatment centers want to help you; they’ll only put you on a waitlist when they have no other choice. They will also be able to help you find other options if you ask. These could be other treatment centers in Florida, medical detox centers, or even a hospital if you’re in dire need of medical assistance. There are almost certainly options available to you if you really don’t think you can wait for treatment.

Get a Contingency Plan

When it comes to treatment for alcohol addiction, it’s always a good idea to have some options available in case you can’t get into the nearest treatment center. When you’re the one struggling with drugs and alcohol, you probably aren’t going to be looking for treatment programs just in case you decide to get sober, but you can take the time to look on behalf of a loved one. If you’re close to someone struggling with alcoholism, you’ll almost certainly notice signs such as frequent intoxication, irritability when they aren’t drinking, financial problems, trouble at work, and withdrawal from social activities. You can’t force them into treatment, but you can start researching treatment options. Look at several programs throughout Florida that might be accessible for them with the understanding that at least some of them will be full when they finally decide to go into treatment. If you think you’ll need treatment for yourself or you’re afraid of relapsing if you’re in recovery, find a sponsor who can hold you accountable and help you find different treatment options. Remember, there are almost certainly options available to you if your first choice falls through. You just need to be able to find them.

Be Ready To Wait

If it turns out that there are no other options available to you and that you have to wait until there is space available at your nearest treatment center, you have to be prepared to wait. First of all, stay calm. Panicking or getting discouraged will not help you. Remember that you will be admitted eventually when your time comes. Second of all, go to someone you trust for help. This can be a sponsor from previous attempts to get sober or a loved one who will be willing to help you. They might need to keep an eye on you to keep you from hurting yourself, but it will keep you safe. Finally, don’t try to detox by yourself. Alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and can be deadly for some people. Most people who detox do so under close medical supervision, and you won’t have that if you simply lock yourself in your home for a month to keep yourself from drinking. Have your sponsor or loved one check in on you regularly, and make sure they are prepared to get you to an emergency room if things get really bad.

Never Be Afraid to Seek Help

Even though there is always a possibility of being put on a waitlist when seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, it shouldn’t stop you from asking us or anyone else for help. If you or someone you know is in need of treatment for alcohol use disorder, contact us at any time. Even if we’re not able to admit you right away, we will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the treatment that you need. Call us at 833-846-5669.